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The Oldest College Newspaper in Pennsylvania

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The Oldest College Newspaper in Pennsylvania

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Timeout with… Center Angela Ribarich ‘19

Angela Ribarich ‘19 protects the ball. [Photo by Hana Isihara ‘17]

Rachel Robertson: This is your second Rookie of the Week award. What does it mean to you to have contributed so quickly during your freshman year?

Angela Ribarich: I honestly thought I wasn’t going to contribute at all my freshman year. I came in thinking that this would be a building year for me but I progressed really quickly and grew as a player. I’m happy though, my team’s happy for me.

RR: You are listed at 6’5’’. Have you noticed any advantage from your height in the games so far?

AR: On previous teams I’ve obviously been the tallest but I never really noticed the advantage because we play more of a guard game [in Canada] so I’ve really seen the value in my height now.

RR: You are playing on a team now that has very strong guard play with Jamie O’Hare and Sammy Stipa— how have you been able to make your mark on the team?

AR: I love playing with those two. Like they run just everything really well and I think without them the team would struggle a lot more but I feel like it goes both ways. We are more of a unit with all of the different pieces.

RR: With contributing so early who has been the biggest role model on the team for you?

AR: I think everyone has been. I really admire Jamie’s work ethic— actually, honestly the entire team has a great work ethic— but there are pieces from everyone I really like. Everyone has got a piece that I aspire to have.

RR: You originally signed with Lafayette under former head coach Diane Nolan. What was your reaction to the head coaching change before your career even started?

AR: I originally committed to the old coach and then she called me and was like, “Oh by the way, I’m retiring,” and I kind of had a panic attack. Then my mom told me about a month after that it was coach Grentz who was going to be taking over and I couldn’t be happier because she is known for working with posts and she was one herself. I couldn’t be happier because she’s the first person I would want to play for.

RR: What do you see as your greatest strength?

AR: There always room for improvement for me. I enjoy playing defense the most but I find, especially now moving up to the college level, that I need to improve my quickness. If you give me a one-on-one nine times out of 10 I think I can find a way to score but honestly I’ll contribute in any way I can. If they want me to score, I’ll score. If they want me to rebound, I’ll rebound.

RR: Is there a difference playing in the United States compared to your native Canada?

AR: Canadians, we play a heavy guard game so it’s a lot of shooting, a lot of driving. No emphasis on the post other than to rebound, put back up shots. Here, to play against a team that is mainly guards is rare and I find that in America even tall guards become posts.

RR: Do you have a favorite drill to do in practice?

AR: Sometimes it all just really sucks but we have this one drill where it’s half court, 3-on-3 or 5-on-5, our coach does not call fouls so you’re just trying to beat each other up. Like you will do anything to score or get the possession. You want to win so you don’t run.

RR: What was your most embarrassing basketball moment?

AR: I’ve had a lot, so many. Anytime I get hit in the head with a ball is bad. It happens so often, too. I also had a game last year where I out of nowhere scored like 13 points and my entire team just didn’t know what to do. They were mindblown at it.

RR: Favorite food?

AR: I like a lot of food— I’m not picky. I like Chinese food. General Tso Chicken is my go-to.

RR: Favorite movie?

AR: I watched “The Gladiator” when I was like nine, whenever it came out, and it always sort of stuck with me—still my favorite movie.

RR: Do you have a favorite song or artist to listen to before games?

AR: Drake is always up there. Toronto, shout out. Chris Brown, like that kind of music. I don’t think I really have a pump up song… I wish I did.

RR: Did you play any other sports growing up?

AR: I played soccer when I was really young, like every other kid. Volleyball for a little bit— I really wasn’t good at it which I kind of feel like I should have been. I swam too and did ballet when I was like 8. It was just a mess.

RR: You’re only a freshman but what has been your favorite class so far at Lafayette?

AR: I’m in a philosophy course right now— it’s at 8 a.m. so that kind of sucks— but it’s with professor Masto. It’s a lot of discussion and I’m really good at arguing things. I like those kinds of courses where you have to think and not just regurgitate information.

RR: As a Canadian, do you like snow?

AR: Yeah. We had three feet of snow last year and everyone here started freaking out about this last snow storm and then we got the snow and I was like, “This is nothing, you guys all need to calm down.”

RR: Favorite animal?

AR: I’m a dog person. Especially big dogs, I really hate small dogs. They’re just loud and annoying and I feel like small dogs have just huge egos.

RR: Any words of wisdom?

AR: Today, I will do what others won’t, so that tomorrow I can do what others can’t.

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