Shooting in Easton Centre Square leaves one injured, suspect at large


Lafayette College Public Saftey determined the shooting was not a threat to the campus. (Photo courtesy of Lehigh Valley Live)

A 29-year-old man was shot in the area around Centre Square and S. 3rd Street of downtown Easton last Saturday around 2 a.m. The victim, who suffered non-life-threatening injuries, is refusing to cooperate with authorities. 

“The victim is refusing to actually speak to us. I don’t know why exactly, you know, officially,” Lieutenant Matthew T. Gerould of the Easton Police Department said. “[The victim is] refusing to give us any cooperation whatsoever; [they] actually went so far as to say they would refuse to come to court even if we did arrest somebody,” Gerould said. 

A suspect has not yet been arrested. 

The victim was found at S. 3rd Street and Centre Square, “right on the corner basically, right by the old Wells Fargo building,” Gerould said. The victim was taken to an area hospital for his wounds. Evidence of gunfire is also located on S. Third Street, according to an Easton Police Department press release. By 3:00 a.m. last Saturday, the scene of the crime was cleared. 

“The victim is refusing to speak to us on any specifics of the night. But we believe the victim was at one of the local bars,” Gerould said. 

Easton Police do not believe that the shooting is related to other crimes in the city. 

“We never rule that out, obviously. But it doesn’t appear connected, at least on face value, or at least you know what our investigation started,” Gerould said. “We believe the victim was the targeted victim here, that it was not just a random thing,” he added.  

Director of Public Safety Jeff Troxell said that he is aware of the situation and that the Associate Director of Public Safety, Jim Meyer, is in contact with the Easton Police Department.

“The Saturday morning shooting near Centre Square was not a threat to the campus community,” Troxell wrote in an email.

Police are asking anybody with any information to call 610-250-6677 or the tip line at 610-250-6635.