Letter from the editor


In last week’s edition of The Lafayette, it delighted us to see three op-eds as well as a letter to the editor. We believe that, first and foremost, The Lafayette should be an interactive forum for the greater Lafayette community. When readers choose to submit op-eds or respond to articles, it creates a more colorful newspaper, fosters dialogue and makes the campus more informed and exciting.

While we at The Lafayette try to stay on top of all happening on and around campus, it’s natural that potential stories and perspectives may occasionally fall through the cracks. This is a reminder that we welcome op-eds, letters to the editor in response to articles as well as tips about anything you’d like to see us cover. We are constantly looking to improve our craft. Do you think that we could improve on an aspect of our work? Would you like to see us cover certain stories more frequently? Please let us know. We’d be happy to hear your thoughts to continue making the best student newspaper we can each week.

The Lafayette Editorial Board