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Student Government amends budget guidelines

Photo by Emma Sylvester for The Lafayette
The amended budget guidelines will provide clubs with extra funds for merchandise.

Student Government approved updated budget guidelines for clubs last Thursday. The revised guidelines are set to go into effect for the upcoming summer budget cycle.

Notable changes include the increased allowance for merchandise: Up to $20 for a given clothing item will now be funded by the Student Government, an increase from the previous $15. Food for events must now be requested through a specific form.

“We upped the amount of money available to clubs in order for them to get their merchandise,” Student Government Parliamentarian Trebor Maitin ’24 said. “We had a lot of questions regarding funding food for clubs, so we’ve clarified that process for requesting food in our budget guidelines by adding a new food budget request form.”

Further, gift cards have been newly capped at $200 total for the semester, non-reusable personal items such as mouthguards will no longer be funded, activities over breaks will not be funded and only one formal per year will be sponsored.

Christo Maheras ‘26, a Co-Chairman of the Student Government Budget Committee, said that there is a degree of fiscal consistency from year-to-year, but that the Student Government attempts to accommodate fluid club requirements. Maitin also credited inflation as having a major impact on clubs needing more funds in order to buy merchandise and food.

“For a lot of clubs, not a lot changes from year to year. Some things may,” Maheras said. “For instance, clubs that need better equipment or have more demand; that’s something that changes yearly.”

Budget requests are submitted following the first couple of weeks of the semester, and these are voted upon by Student Government soon after. Maheras confirmed that the Budget Committee hasn’t reached out to any clubs for their potential budget requirements. 

Maheras said that clubs will not be substantially impacted by any changes, as they are not expected to differ significantly from those of previous years.

“Honestly, I don’t foresee very many changes. Whatever does change are things on top of what [the clubs] asked for,” Maheras said.

Student Government President Olivia Puzio ‘25 also emphasized that all clubs have yet to enter their requests but did note that the “budget cycle process” is to be unchanged from the last cycle. As a result, there will be no substantial changes for student clubs for the upcoming semester. She emphasized the need to ease concerns about fair budget allocations and expressed confidence in the fairness of the budget process. 

“These aren’t huge changes,” Maitin ‘24 said. “They’re little minor tweaks here and there. You know, we are kind of in a learning period.”

Maitin encouraged students to attend Budget Committee office hour sessions, which are held Fridays at 5 p.m. for any questions or suggestions. 

Student Government also allows any member of the Lafayette student body to read the Financial Guidelines.

Student Government Treasurer Areeb Atheeque ‘25 did not respond to requests for comment.

Disclaimer: Managing Editor Trebor Maitin ‘24 did not contribute writing or reporting.

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