Paper Playlist: Blues for the Flus


You are sick and so are these songs

Melissa: My pick this week is Eric Clapton’s version of “Crossroads” from a live recording in San Diego. You have to respect the mind bending, blues influenced, guitar talent that is Clapton. The powerful female vocalists behind him give this song a punch that makes you want to headbang. In eighth grade, I skipped seeing Clapton live to study for a math exam, and that choice haunts me to this day. This live track is (I’d imagine) the next best thing to that missed concert. Enjoy.

Sadie: There were a dark few weeks last year when I became obsessed with J.D. McPherson’s cover of “Why Lady Why,” but I couldn’t place it or remember any lyrics and thought I heard it in a dream and spent upwards of 12 hours on YouTube and Spotify in a cold sweat. Fate (and my Pandora account from eighth grade) reunited me with McPherson’s soulful reimagining of the country ballad.

Sarah Geller ’17: I picked “He Can Only Hold Her” by Amy Winehouse. Ever since I learned about Amy Winehouse when I was a kid she has been one of my role models. Yes, the majority of her life decisions were horrible, but her music has always spoken to me because it is so raw and personal. This can be seen first-hand in the documentary “Amy,” which is one of my favorite documentaries.

Fun Fact: We’re ending this week with a killer nine minute long collaboration between Albert King and Stevie Ray Vaughan, called “Stormy Monday.” It’s a long one but a great one. If you’re new to SRV you are in for a nine-minute auditory treat. It’s best listened to on an actual stormy Monday in bed with your eyes closed.