Paper Playlist: See you never


JK! We will see you next semester, unless you happen to be graduating early, going abroad or have decided to avoid us. To our fans, don’t miss us too much over break—we know all three of you are pretty committed to our artistry. Whether you’re saying goodbye to friends before winter break or are just really going to miss your dorm room, goodbyes can hard. To help get you through these painful moments, we’ve created a playlist full of goodbye songs. Here it is, friends: the last Paper Playlist of 2017. WE OUT.

Shelby: I’m choosing “Hello, Goodbye” by the Beatles because this isn’t a goodbye, it’s a “see you later.” I love the Beatles and I love this tune. To all my lovely leopards, have a wonderful winter break.

Emma: This week, I’m picking Jackson Browne’s “The Load-Out.” In this song, Browne talks about how difficult life on the road can be and how he just wants to sing on stage for as long as he can, so this song is longer than most of Browne’s. Basically, he’s trying to savor the moment, doing what he loves best, before he’s forced to leave. Whether you can sympathize with Browne’s bittersweet farewell or are looking to ditch campus as fast as possible, his playful and entertaining song will make you want to enjoy your last days of the semester.

Find the full playlist here!