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StuGov orders Non Cur to change


Graphic by Aaron Levenson ‘15 | The Lafayette

Non Cur, “Lafayette’s Only Absurd Underground Journal,” must comply with new requirements or face “permanent removal of funding and revocation of recognition,” according to a memo sent by Student Government to Non Cur on Oct. 1.

“Given the response of the community, Student Government felt it necessary to begin an assessment of the Non Cur’s policies and procedures,” read the memo from Student Government, which promulgated the new requirements.

“In conjunction with the findings of the Bias Response Team and the suggested action plans of various students, faculty, and other community members, we have deemed it appropriate to intervene and provide a more rigid framework for operations of the Non Cur.”

Until Non Cur submits a revised constitution accommodating Student Government’s requirements, the journal’s funds will be frozen, the memo noted. Members of the Non Cur Editorial Board agreed to revise their Constitution during Student Government’s open session Tuesday evening.

Requirements set forth by Student Government include written approval from each author whose work is present in an issue, consenting to the publication of their work. All subsequent issues must be approved by the journal’s advisor, Patricia Donahue, head of the department of English. A mandatory public forum must be held within three to eight days after each issue’s release, with the advisor present.

“It is not our intention to be discriminating against groups, and in doing this, we will not ever say, ‘You cannot print something, you cannot do something,’” Student Government President Michael Prisco ‘14 said regarding the stipulations to the editorial board. “This is not for us to come back at you in any way, kind of prevent you from doing anything.”

A public meeting was held the day after the most recent issue of Non Cur was released, which was noted as a constitutional violation by Prisco and a reason for the freezing of funding.

“Honest mistake,” Non Cur Editor-in-Chief Noah Drauschak ‘16 said. “We had a time, we stuck to the time.”

Drauschak came to Tuesday’s meeting armed with a new mission statement for the journal’s constitution:

“To produce a publication that is equally humorous and genuine, providing the Lafayette community, students and, professors alike an alternative outlet for all prose, poetry, articles, and artwork deemed of moral, aesthetic, satirical, humorous, philosophical, or otherwise intrinsic value, significance, or societal relevance,” the mission statement said. “Thus, our ultimate goal has been to end the self-actualization of every member of the Lafayette community.”

An addition will be made to the warning found on the front cover of the journal: “The opinions expressed herein, in Non Cur, are not representative of Lafayette College or even necessarily of the editors themselves.”

Drauschak pledged that Greek or individual names will be not be used in future issues and the journal will swear off obscenity.

The publication’s September 2013 issue featured articles on male expectations for females at parties, types of female orgasms, and “The Running of the Bulls,” the annual sorority bid day celebration. The issue yielded mixed reactions among students.

In response to the requested changes, Drauschak said, “Something that I find troubling is that obviously there’s much backlash, but officially speaking, very few people sent us, the editors, their actual thoughts, their reactions, their frustrations. Our purpose is to get interaction, is to get people talking, is to get people thinking.”

“I would expect in the future, given these guidelines, that you will see that feedback more,” Student Government Treasurer Connor Heinlein ‘15 said.

Non Cur last published an issue in September. Drauschak said he does not know when the next issue will be released.

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