College earns spot on list of ‘Top 30 Most Beautiful Colleges in the Fall’


Lafayette was recently named to a list of the top 30 most beautiful college campuses in the fall. (Photo by Morgan Sturm ’19)

Lafayette was recently named to College Consensus’s list of the Top 30 Most Beautiful Colleges in the Fall. The article placed the college at number eight in the list of 30, noting the Lehigh Valley’s proximity to the Appalachian and Poconos Mountains, as well as the “gorgeous fall foliage” of the area.

“Lafayette students, like the rest of Easton’s inhabitants, will frequently spend their mid-October weekends driving through the mountains, where gorgeous fall foliage, hiking, and camping are in their backyard,” the article reads.

One thing that students of the college often agree upon is the beauty that is the Lafayette campus.

For Alex Steffaro ’21, the trees are a “gorgeous” focal point of the campus during the fall. “The trees make the campus beautiful,” Steffaro said.

While the college has undergone many changes in the past few decades and even in recent years, there is no doubt these changes only are meant to bring more beauty to campus. The addition of the brick paths and seating area between McKeen Hall and Hogg Hall, as well as the street divider at the entrance to the college, are both examples of this. By maintaining the use of brick and similar building materials, the campus atmosphere has become more uniform.

“The old classic brick buildings make the campus beautiful,” said Lucy Moeller ’21. Karalynn Lancaster ’21 agreed with this sentiment.

“Coming from California, I love all the greenery and plants, as well as how all the buildings are gorgeous but still different so they don’t seem monotonous,” Lancaster said.