Jazz legend unites with vocalists

This Wednesday, Nov. 13, the Williams Center of the Arts will host a modern jazz legend. Latin Grammy-winning saxophonist Paquito D’Rivera reunites with the New York Voices vocal music group in a pairing last seen in 2003. The duo will be performing selections from their Brazilian Dreams album that led the team to win the 2003 Grammy for best Latin jazz.

In all recordings, D’Rivera demonstrates masterful saxophone playing, expertly handling the instrument to compliment the soft and supple voices of his partners.

D’Rivera is also famous for his improvisations. No two of his performances sound the same, making each appearance a unique experience.

Likewise, the New York Voices sing as though they had practiced alongside saxophone legends all their lives. The group’s expertise lies in its ability to lull audiences to sleep at times, while at others leaving them gasping for air. The New York Voices displays their sheer excellence and range in this collaboration.

The performance will feature music from their Brazilian Dreams album, an exciting and mesmerizing combination of Brazilian and Cuban influences. Brazilian Dreams mimics its exotic title with a variety of smooth flowing sounds and loose classical jazz rhythms. The album merges this root of American culture to create a distinct Latin flavor that D’Rivera is famous for.

D’Rivera and the New York Voices will bring new music that has never been heard on an album before. They also plan to perform fresh arrangements of the classic songs from Brazilian Dreams, creating an original experience even for those familiar with the album.

While both D’Rivera and the New York Voices are no strangers to the Williams Center, this will be their first and possibly only collaboration on a Lafayette stage. The event will take place from 8:00-10:00 p.m. Tickets are $6 for Lafayette students and $22 for all others.