Kingsfoil: Q&A with Frankie Muniz’s band


Kingsfoil (left to right): Tristan Martin, Jordan Davis, Tim Warren, and Frankie Muniz.

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You may recognize Kingsfoil’s drummer when they perform at the Spot tonight at 7 p.m.

Frankie Muniz, 27-year old former star of Malcolm in the Middle, Agent Cody Banks, and Big Fat Liar, is finally where he wants to be – touring with his friends and fellow musicians in an indie rock band based in Pennsylvania. The band’s van makes a stop at Lafayette tonight, where members Jordan Davis (vocals), Tristan Martin (guitar and keyboard), Tim Warren (bass), and Muniz (drums) will perform at the Spot. Though Muniz’s fame might attract followers, Kingsfoil’s music is actually good enough to accrue a fan-base on its own. Kingsfoil discusses their music, ambitions, and life on the road with The Lafayette.

How was the band formed?

Davis: Tristan and I grew up together. We’ve been part of the band I guess for ten years and then started out as a duo. We played that way for a couple of years and then we went full band and Tim joined about six or seven years ago, I joined in 2007, and then Frankie is the most recent member, [joining] two years ago.

So Frankie you joined two years ago and previously you were a part of another band? How is Kingsfoil different?

Davis: The biggest thing is that since being in the band, we’ve been nonstop – touring like crazy and playing tons of shows, you know. My last band was more of like a hobby, you know more for fun and we wanted to do stuff just nobody ever put in the time. So it’s been nice to actually be in a touring band. We’re constantly working on new things and that’s exciting.

Any chance you’re going back to the recording studio or on another tour soon? What’s the plan?

Muniz: Yeah, we’re currently writing. We’re planning on being in the studio right after New Year. We want to get new music out to everybody. We got a lot of stuff planned. We’re in the process of just trying to make sure there’s enough days in a year to make it all work. We are completely independent, we do it all our own so there’s also like the question of like “are we doing the right thing?” and trying to figure it out as we go and try to be as successful as we can.

What’s the ultimate goal for the band?

Davis: I think we would just like to be able to make a living playing music. It’s a pretty broad statement, but just to be able to play our music and continue to tour and get to play shows is pretty awesome for us. So we’re trying to get up to the next level. I don’t think there’s any certain spot that we’re shooting for but we’d definitely like to all just go and make a living and continue to record and write music for people.

Who writes the music and lyrics?

Davis: I write the lyrics and Tristan writes the lyrics and we all kind of write the music. I don’t know – we have a bunch of different ways of how that process kind of goes down… (drifts off). Sorry, I’m just petting Tim.

What bands are your inspirations?

Muniz: Imagine dragons, New Math, Christina Aguilera.

Davis: Chumbawamba

Martin: Frankie loves Boyz II Men.

Muniz: I really do. Yeah, that’s the truth.

Davis: Our new records will sound like Chumbawamba and Boyz II Men.

What song are you most proud of?

Warren: “Grapevine Valentine.”

What is being on tour like?

Frankie: It’s fun, but it’s a lot more work than anybody who hasn’t done it thinks it is. They think it’s all fun and games, or you know, you just show up and play a show. I mean, we’ll be on the road for say a month. I find it hard to even check my email, because you’re so busy doing band-related things, whether it be even just driving or catching up on sleep to loading in, setting up, doing interviews, taking pictures, sound checking, playing a show, trying to find restaurants to eat at, which today was very hard.

Jordan: When you’re on tour, you don’t just play the shows together. You’re constantly in the van together, you eat together, you sleep together. So you can go and take some time and just be on your own. I think it’s going to really end up working out well for us.

You’re stressing me out. You’re really stressing me out.

Frankie: Just try to sleep in the van with us. You’ll go insane.

Frankie, why did you decide to join a band rather than pursue acting?

Frankie: I’m just kind of ready to do something new. I’ve been acting since I was 8. I wanted to want to act. Not that I didn’t, but I just did what I did because it was there. I’m really doing exactly what I want to be doing right now. I’m having fun and I really like being a part of something that we all have to work together to be successful. It’s nice to be a part of something that you can see the work you’re putting in making an impact. And you start to see growth and it’s kind of cool to be a part of that. Every month the band is getting more and more fans and we’re getting in front of more and more people and it’s awesome.

Do you still stay in touch with Bryan Cranston?

Frankie: I do. I talk to him a lot. He’s pretty much the only person from the show that I talk to since the show ended. He’s a great guy.

Any closing remarks?

Tristan: We’re really excited to come to the school and get to play for everybody and if you haven’t heard of us yet, just take a second to check out the music and hopefully watch the show and meet us. We’re very nice.