Top Ten: Signs that it is autumn


Photo by Tom for The Lafayette

Look around, and it’s not hard to notice the change of seasons taking place. The air is cooler and crisper and the leaves have changed their hues. Yet, these are not the only tell-tale signs of autumn. Anywhere you look on campus, subtle clues can be found of this phenomenon. Thus I’ve tasked myself with helping you, dear reader, pick up on these elusive signs, without which you’d probably assume it was still summer.

1. General stores are stocking Christmas decorations.

2. All of your friends are suddenly amateur landscape photographers.

3. Ugg Boots are slowly making their annual reemergence from hibernation.

4. Even your tap water is infused with pumpkin-spice flavoring.

5. Your grandparents are likely finalizing their plans to migrate to Florida.

6. North Faces abound.

7. Starbucks unveils seasonally themed to-go cups, chaos ensues.

8. Chapstick becomes an accessory.

9. Thanksgiving Break is right around the corner; your parents CANNOT wait to see you.

10. Thanksgiving Break is right around the corner; you CANNOT wait to see your dog.