Letter to the Editor (12-6-13)

Your recent article “Kiss and Tell” [Nov. 15] was meant to describe the heterosexual hookup culture that is currently prevalent on the Lafayette campus. While the article interviewed both men and women and explored the issues of hooking up on a college campus, some parts of the article implied that women exist in order to be the sexual conquests of men. The article does not attempt to dispel this idea that women are conquests but perpetuates this myth.

In addition, given that neither woman answered the particular question about friends’ hookups, the discussion is dominated by the male point of view. In particular, Nice Guy Eddie says that when guys discuss hooking up with the same woman it “Usually… turns into jokes between guy friends. It’ll be an order thing…Who planted the flag? Who went to try and retrieve the flag? Who went and put the flag back?”

The comments from Nice Guy Eddie only continue to propagate the myth that women are available for men’s sexual satisfaction and not vice versa. In a world and campus that celebrates the sexual enjoyment of both men and women such comments should not be tolerated by our campus community. We should strive for a campus climate where all individuals are accepted for their sexual choices and not trivialized as conquests.