The Super Bowl of award shows

To Lafayette Students, the New Year prompts unachievable resolutions and a snowy new semester. But, to Award Show fans everywhere, a New Year means the roll out of the red carpet season. In the past weeks, we’ve made it through the Golden Globes, the Grammys and the SAG awards. Last week, the anxiously awaited nominations for the 86th Academy Awards were revealed.

While the Academy put forth its best efforts in insuring no films were gypped this year due to this increase in nomination slots, there are still several films that were overlooked. Oprah Winfrey, for example, made a critically acclaimed performance in Lee Daniel’s The Butler, which surprisingly received no nominations. Saving Mr. Banks, which received rave reviews, was also left bereft of nominations. Even Meryl Streep shared that she was shocked after hearing that her peer Emma Thompson’s name did not appear in the Best Actress in a Leading Role category (in an interview with Vanity Fair).

Although this year was filled with Oscar-worthy performances and films, 12 Years A Slave and American Hustle are expected to take home many of the awards, including Best Picture, as the two films have already won multiple SAG and Golden Globe awards.

“I think 12 Years A Slave is one of the most moving and thought provoking films about overcoming adversity that has been created to date.” – Candace Fields ‘17

“Despite being a bit scandalous, The Wolf of Wall Street was an outstanding film, and much funnier than I expected. Of course Leo killed it.” – Brigid McGill ‘17

“I liked that Saving Mr. Banks did not solely focus on Mary Poppins herself, but on her relationship with her father. Emma Thompson absolutely should have received a nomination, as she successfully took the viewer on a journey from her own self-loathing to her own self-forgiveness.” – Natalie Nollan ’17

As some countdown the minutes until the Super Bowl this Sunday, many others already have their DVRs set for E’s “Countdown to the Red Carpet.” On Sunday, March 2 viewers will finally know which of their favorite films of 2013 will be taking home the most sought after awards.