Sterling’s stellar career


In a world, where a billionaire owner of an NBA team can say racist remarks and not expect to be the next victim of Powell to the People, comes the saga of one man.

The story begins when the man gets a phone call from his mistress. Apparently, his wife threatened to sue his newly found mistress for banging her husband…a lawsuit to the tune of $1.8 million. Desperate, the mistress retorts with a play that no one saw coming. During the phone conversation, she baited the man into giving his opinion on some of her Instagram associates…black people!

Despite not recognizing the inherent irony of dating a half-black woman, yet forbidding her to associate with black friends in public, the man played right into the femme fatales hands. Soon, she released recordings to the public.

The nation is thrown into an uproar about the recordings! It throws the man’s carefully constructed image into jeopardy…you see, he had managed to keep these very private opinions secret, even though he was publicly sued twice for such opinions. Karma had finally caught him.

It prompted his permanent ban from the NBA. Now, our protagonist, the irredeemable Donald Sterling must fight the battles of preserving his already failed public image and the confusion of disliking minorities while having a half -black, half-Mexican mistress.

Sterling has 99 problems and women are indeed one of them. Will he survive the $3 million blow to his multi-billion dollar estate, or will he bounce back from yet another race related infraction upon his career? Stay tuned for the next episode of: “Racist Bastards.”