Marquis Dining Hall welcomes Becky Schaible as new crepe chef


Photo by Paige Mathieu for The Lafayette

Becky Schaible grew up learning to cook from her father.

Crepes are most commonly filled with berries and cream, but have you ever heard of a pumpkin pie crepe? With Becky Schaible working as the newest crepe chef in Marquis Dining Hall, you just might have. 

Schaible began working for Dining Services as a front-of-the-house attendant earlier this spring and spent her breaks learning about the station. When the previous crepe chef, Ryan Sheeran, left at the end of last spring, Schaible seized the opportunity to create some crepes.

“The students are by far my favorite part of working the crepe station,” Schaible wrote in an email.

Schaible’s crepes range from savory concoctions of grilled cheese or Philly cheesesteaks to sweeter varieties like lemon mascarpone and blueberry.

“They always hit it out of the park with the dessert crepes,” Selma O’Malley ’26, a frequenter of the crepe station, said.

Schaible had never made a crepe before coming to Lafayette, but she did have previous cooking experience.

“Cooking has always been a part of my upbringing,” Schaible wrote. “I learned all kinds of cooking techniques from my family and even made my first pancakes at 6-year-old. I credit my cooking experience to my father. He was very big on teaching myself and siblings how to cook and we always exchanged recipes.”

Before coming to Lafayette, Schaible worked at a family friend’s restaurant with her father. She was the chef at the bistro Beamer’s 25 in Virginia, and her father was her sous chef. 

Collaboration continues to be a key aspect of Schaible’s current position. Not only does she work with other chefs to create new crepe recipes daily, but she also encourages students to join in on the process by sharing their ideas for upcoming dishes.

She has been a sponge absorbing all the knowledge and direction the chefs have given her,” Executive Chef Ted Nielson wrote in an email. “She is a great addition to our team. Her sense of duty and diligence are extremely high and we are ecstatic to have her as part of Marquis’ kitchen and Lafayette dining.”

While many students enjoy the crepe station for breakfast or lunch, recently crepes have not been offered at dinner time. During the dinner service, Marquis used to serve dessert crepes that ranged from classic combinations of berries and cream to more unique specials like Boston cream pie.

The dining staff is currently in the process of training another staff member to join alongside her. It is expected that dinner crepes will be back for the fall semester.