The Oldest College Newspaper in Pennsylvania

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The Oldest College Newspaper in Pennsylvania

The Lafayette

The Oldest College Newspaper in Pennsylvania

The Lafayette


Maria Soukup 26 is trained in playing classical music on the violin. (Photo courtesy of Rae Shepard 26)

Student Artist Spotlight: Violinist Maria Soukup ’26 on her love for ‘shared language’ of playing

By Maddie Pedone, Contributing Writer April 28, 2023

Maria Soukup '26 has been playing the violin since she was seven years old. She picked out a violin in the store when she was young and never looked back. "I also just find music a very valuable thing...

One project Madison Lebish 23 participates in is investigating vernal pools. (Photo courtesy of Madison Lebish 23)

Student Research Spotlight: Two ways Madison Lebish ’23 is saving the planet

By Bernadette Russo, Culture Editor April 21, 2023

With Madison Lebish ‘23 in the world, the planet just might turn out all right.  Lebish is the jack of all trades in the environmental realm at Lafayette, as she juggles two separate research projects...

Hanoi Ragmen has performed in established venues in Washington, D.C. (Photo courtesy of Shaan Shuster 23)

Student Artist Spotlight: Shaan Shuster ’23 on his award-winning band

By Bernadette Russo, Culture Editor April 14, 2023

It’s a Saturday night in Washington, District of Columbia's Howard Theatre, a 1,200-seat historic venue in the heart of the city. A seven-piece band takes the stage playing alternative rock ballads inspired...

Laf Quill Co. creates uniquely shaped wooden pens. (Photo courtesy of Remy Oktay 24)

Student Business Spotlight: Laf Quill Co. turns campus trees into creative, sustainable pens

By Madeline Marriott, Culture Editor April 14, 2023

With his new organization Laf Quill Co., Remy Oktay ‘24 has turned a COVID-19 hobby into a profitable on-campus business. Oktay first fell in love with pen turning, or the process of creating a pen...

Becky Schaible grew up learning to cook from her father.

Marquis Dining Hall welcomes Becky Schaible as new crepe chef

By Paige Mathieu, Staff Writer April 14, 2023

Crepes are most commonly filled with berries and cream, but have you ever heard of a pumpkin pie crepe? With Becky Schaible working as the newest crepe chef in Marquis Dining Hall, you just might have.  Schaible...

Last summer, Caitlyn Carr 23 traveled to Italy with professor Eric Hupe to photograph sites for a virtual reality experience. (Photo courtesy of Eric Hupe)

Bringing Italy to College Hill: Virtual reality in art history classrooms

By Madeline Marriott, Culture Editor March 3, 2023

You’re inside the Magi Chapel, staring up at the Renaissance frescoes, boldly colored and intricately detailed. The scene is all-consuming; it surrounds you and pulls you in. Now, take off your virtual...

Zach Freiheiter 23 has been composing his own music since his first year at Lafayette. (Photo courtesy of Zach Freiheiter 23)

Student Artist Spotlight: Zach Freiheiter ’23 on his composing journey

By McKenna Graf, Contributing Writer March 3, 2023

Zach Freiheiter '23 has been playing the trumpet since he still had baby teeth. “So I started playing it at six [years old] for like a year, and then I stopped for a couple ... because I lost my teeth,...

Juliana Soldat 24 sculpted pieces for her independent study that comment on mental health and personal struggles. (Photo courtesy of Juliana Soldat 24)

Student Artist Spotlight: Juliana Soldat ’24 depicts mental illness through sculpture

By McKenna Graf, Contributing Writer February 10, 2023

When she started in the art program at Lafayette, Juliana Soldat '24 saw herself primarily as a painter. This weekend, it is her sculptures that will be on display in the Williams Visual Arts Building. Soldat's...

Isabella Lu 25 made archaeological illustrations for professor Ingrid Furniss upcoming book. (Photo courtesy of Isabella Lu 25)

Student Artist Spotlight: Isabella Lu ’25 digs into archeology illustrations

By McKenna Graf, Contributing Writer February 3, 2023

Isabella Lu '25 had only ever done freehand drawing before she began helping art history professor Ingrid Furniss bring to life her upcoming book, "Lutes and Marginality in Pre-Modern China." Now, as the...

Research by Padmanabh Kaushik 25 attempts to use video games to diagnose dyslexia in children. (Photo courtesy of Lafayette Communications)

Student Research Spotlight: Padmanabh Kaushik ’25 works to detect dyslexia with computer game

By Kendal Davis and Elisabeth Seidel December 9, 2022

In the electrical and computer engineering department, Padmanabh Kaushik '25 and a team of researchers are working to help develop a world where disorders like dyslexia can be diagnosed through an online...

Satuna Mowrin 24 attempts to dismantle beauty standards in the modeling world. (Photo courtesy of Satuna Mowrin 24)

Student Artist Spotlight: Satuna Mowrin ‘24 rejects modeling stereotypes

By McKenna Graf, Contributing Writer December 2, 2022

In the span of just a few years, Satuna Mowrin '24 has gone from posting self-designed photo shoots in her bedroom to modeling for small businesses and blazing a path for a more diverse modeling industry. Mowrin...

Damoi Morgan 25 views music as a way to give the campus color. (Photo courtesy of Damoi Morgan 25)

Student Artist Spotlight: Damoi Morgan ’25 adds melody to campus with steel drum

By Elisabeth Seidel, Contributing Writer November 11, 2022

It’s possible you’ve never met Damoi Morgan '25, but it's likely that you've heard his music passing through the Quad. To many Lafayette students and faculty members, the melodies from Morgan’s steel...

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