World view: Briana Howard ‘14 shares her photos and the inspiration behind them.

World view: Briana Howard ‘14 shares her photos and the inspiration behind them.

All photos courtesy of Briana Howard ‘14

Senior Briana Howard’s passion for photography has especially cultivated over four years at the college. Her work, featured on this page, displays her best and favorite moments with the camera.

“I wish I could have a camera on me at all times,” Briana Howard ‘14 said.

The self-proclaimed “art geek” credits art professor Karina Skvirsky for much of her knowledge in photography.

“Karina really helped me with my photos and my technical ability and without her I wouldn’t be where I am today,” Howard said.

Professor Skvirsky has been a photography mentor to Howard.

“I associate a lot of my skill and talent to her and her teaching and guidance, as well to all the paintings and drawings and other works I’ve seen in my art history classes.”

The photos featured are taken in low light with a Nikon d5000.

“No real special process,” Howard said. “Just trying to find the right frame at the right time.”

The rowing photos were taken in Deland, Florida at 6 p.m. These photos intend to embody calmness and tranquility.

“The rowing photos are my favorite,” Howard said. “I love the low light and it was awesome to be in the launch beside the boats.”

A frequent traveler, Howard captures rare moments of people and places. The two non-rowing photos were taken in Sintra, Portugal, and Lund, Sweden.

Like any artist infatuated with her craft, Howard has found joy and insight through taking pictures.

“Now I see things as pictures,” Howard said. “It’s like I’m always looking through a viewfinder.”