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Restaurant Review: Gyro Concept brings authentic Greek fare to College Hill

Photo by Natalia Ferruggia for The Lafayette
Gyro Concept offers a plethora of classic Greek dishes on its menu.

Opa! A new Greek restaurant, Gyro Concept, has hit College Hill. As the byline features both a stereotypical Greek last name and someone who loves to try out new restaurants, it was an absolute must for us to check this place out. 

The restaurant has a kiosk ordering option as well as the ability to go up to the counter and order yourself, but the food is directly brought to your table after ordering. The restaurant had ample space for people to wander around, but there was still a cozy, comfortable feel inside.

We started the meal with a Greek salad, an absolute classic in Greek cuisine. The salad was simple, but delicious, served with tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, peppers and, most importantly, plenty of feta cheese. The salad also had the perfect oil-to-vinegar ratio in the dressing, which was also greatly appreciated.

The Greek fries, another appetizer selection, were simple, but delicious, crispy and topped with oregano and crumbled feta, with lemon squeezed on top. Although we enjoyed our whole meal, these fries were our favorite item that we ordered.

One of the highlights of the meal was actually a surprise addition to the table. During our meal, one of the chefs brought us a plate of his homemade spanakopita (a spinach-stuffed pastry) to try.

It lacked the buttery flavor that many spanakopita lovers long for, but the spinach made up for it. The flaky pastry was also delicious with multiple layers, so flaky that parts of the pastry fell off the food. 

Then there were the beef skewers, another all-time classic. The beef had a great texture, a perfect blend between chewy and melting in your mouth. This part of the meal came with five pieces of pita bread, which were all fluffy, buttery and warm. A spicy feta dip was also offered to us, which was tasty but didn’t have the fiery spice we were hoping for. 

The beef souvlaki platter was incredible, the aforementioned beef skewers served alongside pita, greek salad and crispy fries. Each element of the dish went well together, and the generous portion was worth the $17.50 we paid for it. Alongside the souvlaki platter came a garlic eggplant dip, or in complex Greek vernacular, melitzanosalata.

The pork souvlaki wrap was also delicious, including grilled pork marinated in Greek herbs and combined with delicious onions, tomato, french fries and tzatziki sauce. The french fries weren’t overwhelming, while the tzatziki provided a special touch to the wrap. The wrap was warm and the different flavors were consistent throughout every bite.

Finally, as all Greek meals should end with, baklava. It came from a refrigerator tucked in the corner by the check-out table, in a small single-serve container. It was a satisfying way to end the meal, but was our least favorite thing that we tried, considering how top-notch the rest of the food was. 

The meal amounted to a total of $66.09. While a high price at first glance, we ordered a lot of items and the servings were big enough that it could be easily shared with friends. 

Overall, we thoroughly enjoyed our experience and our food at Gyro Concept and we highly recommend everyone get their taste of Greek cuisine at this new spot.

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Natalia Ferruggia
Natalia Ferruggia, Assistant Culture Editor
I pronounce mozzarella correctly!

Andreas Pelekis
Andreas Pelekis, Assistant News Editor
Tennis addict.

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