Letter to the Editor

The article posted March 10 about QPOC living in Lavender Lane not only misrepresented the QPOC experience in the house, but took the opinions of its residents out of context. The way that both Image and Cate were misrepresented is also almost offensive in how it turns their opinions into flat objects that are used by the author as a tool for their own argument, instead of these people being represented as they are – two POC who want to talk about their experiences living in Lavender Lane, and at Lafayette in general. The article is incredibly biased to an upsetting degree.

While I declined to be interviewed for the initial article, this is what I have to say about Lavender Lane: The people who live here are vetted for their ability to treat other people with respect. While that has not been consistent throughout the year, and there have been issues of very obvious racial bias, this is not due to any one person being a racist. It has to do with a lack of consideration for the perspectives and experiences of others. Most of the issues within the house have been due to the way the college is structured, prioritizing white, cishet males over every other person, and that is something that needs to be changed. That being said, though, Meredith has worked very hard to get this house for us, and is working very hard to make it a home for all Queer people, regardless of skin color.

Despite its issues, POC are welcome here, and Lavender Lane is a safer space than other Queer spaces I’ve been in. Right now, it is on individuals, and the college as a whole, to be more welcoming and accepting of POC, and to represent their voices in a way that is authentic to them, not the author or editor.

Miles Asher Dorai-Raj ’25