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Barge Problem: An intergalactic intervention of geometric proportions

Jonathan Bloom April 6, 2018

It’s your kid brother Mikey’s birthday and your parents bought him a zillion L-shaped blocks of the form That evening he is in his room having a great time building all sorts of fun structures and...

The Barge Problem: A quintic query for calculus credit

Jonathan Bloom March 23, 2018

Good news to all those taking calculus this term. Over spring break the Lafayette Mathematics Department implemented a new Extra Credit Policy! Each semester an extra credit problem is to be offered and...

The Barge Problem: Coming Soon: The collection of positive integers

Jonathan Bloom March 2, 2018

A state of the art collection is coming to the Skillman Library this spring! Due to a recent breakthrough in library storage technology, our library is able to house, on site, the infinite collection of...

Barge Competition: A Frankensteinian effort to bring math to life

Jonathan Bloom February 16, 2018

The Lafayette Mathematics department has recently been working on a top-secret project with the Lafayette Biology department. Their goal is to turn every (x, y) point in the ℝ2-plane into a 2-dimensional...

Barge Problem: The profs must be crazy!

Jonathan Bloom February 2, 2018

This term, you are signed up for Math 10,000—a really, really hard math course taught by both Professor Bloom and Professor Gaugler. Being a diligent student you, of course, (try to) go to class the...

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