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After cardiac arrest, student’s health improving

Walter Burkat February 5, 2016

Seven students left their dorm rooms in Watson Hall last Saturday and drove to Pennsylvania Presbyterian hospital to visit their floor mate Robert Cuyjet‘19, who is suffering from problems related to...

A sample of Henderson’s sculpting style - a reconstruction of the torus shape.

Three artists offer new perspectives

Walter Burkat September 20, 2013

Photos courtesy of His artwork begins with a simple shape: the torus. In laymen’s terms, it is a structure that resembles a donut. David Henderson, an artist from Brooklyn, specializes...

An arrest for heroin possession comes a month after a meth lab was busted at 520 Monroe St., next to Lafayette student residences. Meth labs operated by the culprits were found at other locations across the Easton area.

Police bust heroin dealer near Lafayette housing

Walter Burkat September 20, 2013

Photos by Nicole Maselli ‘14 | The Lafayette Easton resident Jamil Kasim “Gangsta” Henderson, 22, was arrested by the Easton Area Police Department on September 6 for counts of heroin possession...

15 dancers explore Latin culture through four movements in Ballet Hispanico.

Dancers bring Latin rhythm to Williams

Walter Burkat September 13, 2013

Courtesy  of Combining the crafted and refined art of European ballet with the passion and rhythm of Latin music, Ballet Hispanico delivered an emotional performance last Friday at the...

Carlos Runcin Tanaka’s paper origami crab structure.

Origami unfolded

Walter Burkat September 6, 2013

Photo by Hana Ishihara ‘17| The Lafayette Origami, or the Japanese art of paper folding, has been traditionally thought of as an art form. The new exhibit at the Williams Center for the Arts, Crease,...

The gender divide: Comparing male/female faculty relations

Walter Burkat September 6, 2013

Though male and female faculty salaries and benefits are about equal, the faculty gender ratio is still skewed against women in higher education and at Lafayette. “The female / male ratio of tenured...

Artist Mike Cabrezza’s work brings to mind Rorschach  inkblot tests.

Limits Defied in Edge vs. Line Exhibit

Walter Burkat August 31, 2013

Photos by Walter Burkat ‘16| The Lafayette Creative freedom has supported the idea that art is an amorphous figure that cannot be defined by traditional standards. Thinking in unusual and eccentric...

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