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With its visual effects and focus on character growth, Stranger Things does not disappoint. (courtesy of Wikipedia)

Netflix Review: ‘Stranger Things’ beautifully weaves storylines, develops characters

Richard Ffrench August 30, 2019

The directors of "Stranger Things" season three have each played their part in continuing the series' legacy of feeling like one long movie. Each manages to effectively incorporate their directorial styles...

NIA: A Sisterhood hosts film screening of “Carmen Jones” : Movie showcases powerful performance by first African-American woman Oscar nominee

Richard Ffrench March 2, 2018

The women on Lafayette NIA: A Sisterhood held a screening of "Carmen Jones" in the Limburg Theatre as part of their "Black Women In Power" week.  The film, directed and produced by Otto Preminger, is...

I, Tonya succeeds in bringing out the individuality of each character. (Photo Courtesy of

I, Tonya Movie Review: How much sympathy does she deserve?

Richard Ffrench February 9, 2018

“I, Tonya”, directed by Craig Gillespie, was made by Margot Robbie to display the very best of her acting chops. Yes, she did produce it, and yes, she made the absolute most out of her role as the...

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