The Oldest College Newspaper in Pennsylvania

The Lafayette

The Oldest College Newspaper in Pennsylvania

The Lafayette

The Oldest College Newspaper in Pennsylvania

The Lafayette

Milena Berestko 22 allowed audience members to cut off and bury strands of her hair in a performance last Friday. (Photo courtesy of Milena Berestko 22)

Milena Berestko ’22 gives ‘energy back to the earth’ in performance art piece ‘Transfer of Power’

By Tanushree Sow Mondal October 8, 2021

Milena Berestko '22 has long felt that her hair governed others' perceptions of her. This past Friday, she let go of this constraint by inviting the Lafayette and greater Easton community to cut her hair...

A group of 9 students fill out tags as a part of the Hostile Terrain 94 project.

Hostile Terrain 94 exhibition comes to Lafayette, highlighting the plight of migrants

By Tanushree Sow Mondal September 17, 2021

A single tag can tell a migrant's story. Hostile Terrain 94 is a nationwide exhibition project composed of 3,400 handwritten toe tags. Each tag includes the name (if known), sex, age, cause of death,...

Students sitting and eating at the tables outside of Upper Farinon.

Aspects of Dining Services changed permanently in the post-pandemic world

By Tanushree Sow Mondal September 10, 2021

As the college transitions to an in-person semester, dining halls return to normal capacity with a few challenges and changes along the way. Most dining locations on campus have been restored to pre-pandemic...

Esther Chae lent her voice to the Netflix film Over the Moon, which featured an entirely Asian American cast. (Photo courtesy of Esther Chae website)

Actor Esther Chae speaks on Asian American representation in Hollywood

By Tanushree Sow Mondal May 21, 2021

Representation is not just about bodies and faces. For actor Esther Chae, representation includes showing all the "nuanced gradations of dimensionality" of characters that are often only viewed as cultural...

Investment Club members discuss the status of the latest stocks in an effort to advance their portfolio and financial knowledge. (Photo courtesy of Tergel Khatanbaatar ’21)

Investment Club surpasses $1 million in their portfolio

By Tanushree Sow Mondal May 14, 2021

In a typical semester, as lunch hour arrives, nearly 50 Lafayette students congregate in the basement of the Simon Economics Center every Friday to discuss stocks and bonds over pizza. These are the...

The talk, held on Zoom this past Wednesday, was the penultimate event hosted in celebration of Earth Month. (Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons)

Talk on sustainability literacy underscores need for more sustainability courses at Lafayette

By Tanushree Sow Mondal April 30, 2021

Alongside their many recent efforts promoting sustainability on campus, the Office of Sustainability has aimed their sights on another area of improvement: sustainability education. This past Wednesday,...

Student volunteers assist with the distribution of food at the Whole Life Center food pantry. (Photo courtesy of Lauren Ameruoso 22)

Increased demand, decreased support: A look at the Whole Life Center food pantry’s work and response to COVID-19

By Tanushree Sow Mondal April 9, 2021

It has been a tough year for local businesses. But what about businesses whose sole purpose is to serve others? The nearby Whole Life Center food pantry, which is supported by many Lafayette students each...

This years Literacy Day will take place on April 3 with an education panel beforehand on March 29. (Photo courtesy of Gam Pham 22)

Kindness and community: A look at this year’s virtual literacy day

By Tanushree Sow Mondal March 26, 2021

Kindness is the theme for this year's Literacy Day, an education-based initiative run by the America Reads program through the Landis Center. Although the event is virtual this year, student volunteers...

Gwen Goldman standing in front of a background full of colorful lines.

Student Artist Spotlight: Artist Gwen Goldman ’21 speaks on her intersecting passions of art and science

By Tanushree Sow Mondal March 19, 2021

For Gwen Goldman ’21, the personal nature and humanism of art is what makes it so beautiful and special. The art and biology double major has always been "an artsy kid," she said. But she didn't take...

Lauren Klein holding her chin up with her hand against a gray background.

Lauren Klein explores the dynamics between data science and hierarchy in her new book, ‘Data Feminism’

By Tanushree Sow Mondal March 5, 2021

As data becomes an omnipotent force to be used by governments and corporations, the question of who this data benefits has become ever more important. This interaction between data, power and intersectional...

Rebecca Kamens work is all hand-cut and hand-painted. (Photo courtesy of Rebecca Kamen website)

Artist Rebecca Kamen discusses awakening scientific discovery through art

By Tanushree Sow Mondal February 26, 2021

To artist and professor Rebecca Kamen, artwork can be a visual representation of scientific research and an attempt to capture its inner beauty. This past Wednesday, Kamen shared her insights on how the...

Jane Fergusson 21 used sand as a medium to portray the effects of COVID-19 on the changing emotional topography. (Photo courtesy of Jane Fergusson 21)

Student Artist Spotlight: Jane Fergusson ’21 draws artistic influence from math and mathematical influence from art

By Tanushree Sow Mondal February 19, 2021

Art may not come to mind as the most immediate form of expression for math students, but for Jane Fergusson '21, both seamlessly blend together. Fergusson said that she developed an affinity for art...

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