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Death of democracy: Creeping authoritarianism in Africa’s great lakes region

Adam Valavanis February 26, 2016

  This past Saturday, the results of the Ugandan presidential election were released. The incumbent, President Yoweri Museveni, won just over 60 percent of the vote, beating opposition leader Kizza...

Op-ed: For the UN, a chance to show some muscle

Adam Valavanis January 29, 2016

Burundi, the landlocked African country, now finds itself on the brink of descending back into civil war and, as a result of this, has been labeled as an “extraordinary threat to the national security...

“Mission Creep” is alive and well in the war against IS

Adam Valavanis November 6, 2015

  Last Friday, the White House announced that it would be sending US Special Forces troops to Syria to assist moderate rebel groups in northern Syria combat the Islamic State (IS). This is a sharp...

The case for funding UN peacekeeping

Adam Valavanis October 2, 2015

This week, the United Nations General Assembly reconvened in New York City.   Of the many high-profile speakers presenting and topics discussed on Monday, President Obama with his call for reinforcing...

Another ceasefire, another broken promise: South Sudan’s continued civil war

Adam Valavanis September 18, 2015

It appeared in late August that the end was nigh for the South Sudanese Civil War. South Sudanese President Salva Kiir signed the latest in a long line ceasefires that have attempted to quell the 21-month...

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