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Baileys Heath Center is offering Covid-19 Deans Excuses for students. (Photo courtesy of Lafayette Communications)

Lack of COVID-19 guidelines generates confusion

Lauren Peterson, Contributing Writer September 16, 2022

While many may feel the COVID-19 pandemic has ceased to become a defining aspect of student life, cases have once again spiked, reminding students that the pandemic is not entirely over. An increase this...

Professors have expressed frustration with the growing class sizes of first year seminars.

College enrolls oversized freshman class, stressing First Year Seminars

Emma Chen, News Editor September 2, 2022

At 761 strong, Lafayette’s current freshman class rivals that of yesteryear as one of the largest ever. While students are excited to join the Lafayette family, the sheer size of the class is proving...

Professor Woo said that the pandemic allowed his to refine his teaching skills, given the new online challenges. (Photo courtesy of Lafayette Communications)

Lafayette community looks back on experiences during pandemic

Te Filingo, Contributing Writer September 2, 2022

As Lafayette eases and erases once ubiquitous pandemic restrictions, students and faculty alike have gotten to reflect on the impact of COVID-19 on their lives. Lafayette faculty, now with a relative...

New gray signs, such as those posted outside Van Wickle Hall, denote where masks are required.

How are professors navigating a post mask-mandate campus?

Trebor Maitin, Assistant News Editor March 25, 2022

While many professors have opted to forgo masking in their classrooms in the wake of updated CDC guidance, mask requirements persist in the halls and classrooms of faculty, and in at least one department...

Beginning March 1, students no longer have to wear masks in many indoor spaces. (Photo courtesy of Caroline Burns 22 for The Lafayette)

Campus mask mandate loosened after updated CDC guidelines

Nathan Kornfeind, News Editor March 4, 2022

After an update to CDC guidelines and Covid protocols on campus, Lafayette students will no longer be required to mask up in most indoor settings on campus. As of Tuesday, masking is no longer required...

The college will likely continue the mask mandate unless CDC recommendations change, according to Vice President for Campus Life Annette Diorio. (Photo by Caroline Burns 22 for The Lafayette)

Mask off? Lafayette looks to the future of Covid protocols

Trebor Maitin, Assistant News Editor February 18, 2022

As states and localities across the nation ease or erase their mask mandates, the future of masking at Lafayette has come into question. Annette Diorio, the vice president of Campus Life, is taking a “flexible”...

According to the Covid dashboard, as of Wednesday evening there were 26 positives out of 1,857 arrival tests. (Photo by Caroline Burns 22 for The Lafayette)

Covid pre-arrival testing slip-up creates confusion among students

Trebor Maitin, Assistant News Editor January 28, 2022

The college's Covid-19 testing plan fell apart after pre-arrival tests failed to ship on time–if at all–to many students, sewing confusion over the updated Covid protocol. Mailboxes remained empty...

The renovation of the Rinek Rope factory, pictured above, may be postponed because of supply chain issues, according to VP of Finance and Administration Roger Demareski. (Photo courtesy of Lafayette Communications)

Economics professor explains national labor shortages and supply chain issues felt by the college

Baris Yazici, Contributing Writer November 19, 2021

Labor shortages and disrupted supply chains have been a harsh reality since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, with repercussions felt by institutions across the country. Lafayette College is no exception. The...

While not available on campus, students can get a booster shot at locations in Easton, including CVS. (Photo by Caroline Burns 22)

Booster shots for COVID-19 unlikely to be offered on campus

Baris Yazici, Contributing Writer November 5, 2021

While Lafayette’s Bailey Health Center was able to offer the first series of COVID-19 vaccines on campus during last spring semester because of a partnership with St. Luke’s Hospital Network, such...

Tasked with responding to the unexpected surge of cases caused by the Delta Variant, Dr. Goldstein praised the resilience and dedication of the Bailey Health Center Staff, some of whom are picture above. (Photo by Pierson White 24)

A look inside the Bailey Health Center during the pandemic

Baris Yazici October 8, 2021

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the Bailey Health Center has been the epicenter of the fight against COVID-19 at Lafayette. Even though many students visited the center this semester, few are likely...

While the administration attributes most of the September surge in cases to Greek Life, fraternity and sorority presidents rejected this claim and criticized the suspension on new-member activities in a letter to the College. (Photo courtesy of Lafayette College COVID-19 Action Group)

Greek organizations pen letter to administration in response to suspension of new-member activities

Trebor Maitin October 1, 2021

The recent spike in COVID-19 cases on campus coincided with Rush Week. All members of the pledge class are a sophomore or above, and only around one percent of cases during September’s surge were among...

The cut in pay and  retirement benefits, all during the challenges of the pandemic, upset many professors, who responded in an email to the administration in summer 2020. (Photo by Kwasi Obeng-Dankwa 23)

Faculty frustrated by lack of compensation from pandemic pay cuts

Emma Chen October 1, 2021

Due to the financial strain of the pandemic, faculty experienced a monetary loss to make up for some of the college's lost funds. On May 28, 2020, the college announced a "progressive pay reduction" and...

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