LAVA’s annual evening of Paint


Students partake in a relaxing evening of communal painting 

Photos by Danielle Moore

With enough bottles of paint, paintbrushes, palettes, this year’s Evening of Paint, brought a smaller crowd than expected.

Students began arriving in the Williams Visual Arts building last Friday for the annual Evening of Paint, sponsored by Lafayette Association of Visual Arts. There were bottles of paint, paintbrushes, palettes, and white t-shirts provided for the guests who chose to attend. Music played in the background as students painted on canvases, each other, and themselves for the three hours that the event went on. Voices and laughter can be heard throughout the room as the students decorated their white t-shirts and their environments with silly images, abstract patterns, and short phrases.

Although the inside the Williams Visual Arts Building seemed to be teeming with life, only a small percentage of students on campus attended.

“I wanted to go, but there were other things to do around campus that seemed more interesting than paint and were easier to travel to,” Ashley Saint John ‘18 said.

Compared to other campus-wide events held earlier in the school year, such as PardGlow, Stuff-a-Plush, and Fall Fest, Evening of Paint’s turn out was even more disappointing. Although LAVA’s event was not a total bust, being on a Friday night and a fair trek down the hill, made the event turnout less than anticipated.


Students partake in a relaxing evening of communal painting