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The Oldest College Newspaper in Pennsylvania

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Cherubina Ristorante is a piece of heaven


Interior of dining room

Photo courtesy of Cherubina Ristorante

Over Family Weekend, my parents and I visited a quaint eatery called Cherubina Ristorante. Upon our arrival, I was immediately pleased with its atmosphere. The creaky wooden floors of the old home glowed with the warmth of the dim chandelier overhanging the entrance. The sweet face of a tiny stone cherub sitting by the staircase contrasted with the weathered visage of an older Italian man who greeted us at the door.

My favorite aspect of the interior of Cherubina was its intimate vibe. Classical paintings scattered the walls. It was interesting to gaze upon the artwork while clusters of other customers surrounded us at nearby tables. The cramped layout of the room was a tight squeeze in the most romantically European way.

The man who poured our drinks spoke to my father about coffee from his hometown of Brazil and our server main server talked to us about growing up in Ireland. I sat in awe of how this little eatery in the middle of Easton could pick up such a diverse crew of individuals.

This was the type of restaurant, I realized, that was stocked with skillful chefs who rose above the standards and changed their creations daily. We ordered Clams Casino and Antipasto as appetizers. The fresh clams were filled with a mixture of red pepper bread crumbs, garlic, and bits of bacon. The bite-sized delights were a true “amuse-bouche”—a delight to the palette.

I could have made the antipasto my entire meal, it was that bountiful and delicious. The platter was filled with an array of Italian cold cuts such as prosciutto and salami. The salty flavor of the cured meat contrasted pleasantly against the crisp greens drizzled in balsamic vinaigrette and olive oil. The mixture of soft and hard mozzarella cheeses brought this rustic plate together with its subtle and savory tang.

My mom and I ordered the fish of the day for our entrées, cod in a white wine sauce with sautéed mushrooms. Cooked asparagus and pilaf adorned the side; this dish was a true winner. The white sauce worked well with the soft fish to bring out the cuisine’s distinct mushroom flavor. The lightness of the meal accompanied my heavier appetizer and rich dessert perfectly.

To complete our meal, my parents and I split a chocolate crème brûlée. By and large, this was one of the best desserts I have ever had the pleasure of eating. The texture of the thin layer of burnt caramel contrasted ravishingly against the smooth consistency of the chocolate custard beneath it. This decadent end to our meal left my stomach stuffed and my mouth smiling.

I found that the only negative aspect of Cherubina is its prices. While they are reasonable for the spot’s quality of food and service, they are unrealistic for a college kid on a budget. I would not suggest visiting the eatery unless you have a special anniversary, date, or event planned and would not mind dropping $25 on an entrée. That being said, I find this little slice of heaven to be the perfect place to attend if you are ever in a situation like mine where foodie parents—with access to a car, might I add—were visiting. I look forward to going next year with my family, and I most certainly recommend you do the same as well. Five out of five stars.

Cherubina Ristorante is located on 1001 Northampton Street in Easton. (610)-258-2336.


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