Letter to the Editor

Re “Where Should the Birds Fly” (Oct. 10, page 5), When Israel became a nation in 1948, they were immediately attacked by the Arab nations surrounding them. Fortunately, Israel was able to defend themselves. In 1967 Gamal Nasser the Egyptian dictator ordered the U.N. peacekeeping force out of Sinai and with Syria from the north, Jordan from the east and Egypt from the south, attacked Israel. Israel, again, won. After the war Israel offered to return the land they captured in the Sinai, West Bank and Gaza for peace. Meeting in Khartoum, the Arab League issued its now famous “No recognition, no negotiations, and no peace with Israel.” However, in 1979 Sadat of Egypt signed a treaty with Israel. Egypt got Sinai back (it is larger than all of Israel) and Israel got a treaty. But, Sadat would not take back Gaza; he left that hotspot to Israel.

In 2005 Israel moved every Jewish family out of Gaza. The Israelis deliberately left many flourishing businesses, mostly hothouses that produced vegetables and fruits. The Israelis hoped the Gazans would take these productive businesses and become a stable neighbor. The Gazans destroyed every single business. Instead of peace
what Israel got was Hamas whose Charter calls for the eradication of Israel and the death of all Jews.

Hamas has tried to make good on its Charter. Murder of men, women and children, unending rocket fire on civilian populations in Israel and recently tunnels into Israel intended for murder of Israelis. Forgotten by Beaudouin and Qishta is who has started every single confrontation, as if that didn’t matter. This one, as all of them, was started by Hamas.

And, in war, there will be terrible things that happen. Civilians will be killed and wounded. This is the context that Qishta has filmed and Beaudouin have reported. Yes, many Gazans died and were wounded. But, not one would have been killed or wounded had Hamas chosen to live in peace with Israel rather than vow to kill all Jews and eliminate Israel as a nation.

Benjamin Netanyahu had it right when he said, “We use rockets to protect our children; they use children to protect their rockets.” And, former Prime Minister Gol- da Mier said, “If the Arabs lay down their arms we will have peace. If we lay down our arms, there will be no Israel.”

Saul Cooperman ‘56 Bonita Springs, FL