Last minute costume tricks

Ready or not, it’s Halloween. If you’ve been waiting until the last minute to purchase a costume, or if you think a $20 police officer cap is a bit over-priced, here are several do-it-yourself tips to help you avoid the “I went as me” costume this year.

1. Leopards: We are Leopards aren’t we? But as Leopards, we are also much more original than just a pair of cat ears. If you have decided to go as any variation of cat, add a bit of flair with creative body paint and makeup perhaps on your arms and legs, not just a nose and whiskers. Dressing up any animal print with funky and silly accessories and you are a party animal ready to get this party started.
2. Sailor: Have anything striped? Preferably navy and white? Have anything red? Get “nauti” this spooky season by dressing up as a sailor. This effortless but fun costume requires nothing more than what you already own. Put it all together with a tattoo of an anchor on one arm or both, a paper hat, and you are sure to make some waves.
3. Nerd: Still using solely what you have in your closet, you may choose the nerdy path this fall with some pulled-up pants, preferably with suspenders, ponytails, or middle parted hair for boys, and glasses with duck-tape between the lenses. You may add high socks and loafers for an additional touch.
4. Tourist: Another great alternative for those who do not wish to spend a penny, is the tourist. A Hawaiian shirt paired with mismatched bottoms, the socks and sandals look is a must, a cap, a water bottle, a camera, and any other travel accessory you may find will complete the look for the stereotypical tourist in all of us.
5. Hippie: Speaking of floral shirts, go back in time this Halloween with either a hippie or an 80’s disco themed costume. We all admit to having some strange things in our closets, so whether it’s those John Lennon sunglasses you’ve been dying to wear, or any sort of metallic/neon clothing, you certainly may look your best getting groovy with the past.
6. Jelly Bean Bag: With just a few purchases, you may create an incredibly fun costume while still keeping within budget. Take the sweet route this year by purchasing multi-color balloons, a clear trash bag and go as jelly beans. By blowing up the balloons to about medium size, and cutting out at holes at the bottom of your trash bag, slip your feet through and tie with ribbon wherever the bag ends. You may just look like the sweetest bag of candy any trick-or-treater has ever seen.
7. Ghost: On a spookier note, another thing you can do with a white trash bag is a ghost costume simply by cutting out holes for eyes and arms in the bag. Easy, but still pretty spirited.
8. Present: Go as a the perfect gift this Halloween by purchasing a large gift bag and cutting out holes for your legs, then putting some tissue paper in the bag and stapling straps to the bag to put your arms through.
9. Native American, Pirate, and Pumpkin: By buying just a t-shirt and a few markers, you can go very far with creating a great and inexpensive costumes. For a Native American, a dark brown t-shirt can be cut to create tassels while colorful paint will complete the look. With a white t-shirt you may opt for a pirate, for which you will cut your shirt as though it had been torn by the harsh times and the weather of the adventurer. An orange t-shirt is ideal for Halloween’s favorite veggie: the pumpkin. Draw some dark eyes, a mouth with crooked teeth and you are set in just a matter of minutes. A small suggestion for all of the above: go with a size or two larger so as to ensure the costume still fits right after you craft it.
10. Cave People: With a t-shirt you may also create a caveman/cavewoman costume such as the kind seen in the famous “The Flintstones” cartoons. Cut your t-shirt into the fashion of the stone age, and for Fred apply some dark circles to your new attire.