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Although Mother Nature has given us a run for our money this semester, it is still fall. We still have reason to embrace the cozy chic items such as sweaters, jeans, puffy vests, boots and furs. Fur, animal pelts, and leather were originally used as clothing to protect primeval humans from animal attack and, most importantly, the cold. Furs’ incredible warmth and durability have kept them popular through the ages. Originally, hunters believed they would take on the characteristics of the animal of the fur they wore. For example, wearing the skin of a lion might make you strong; wearing the fur of a wolf might bring you support and guidance.

Over time, furs became known as status symbols — bundling the wealthy in their luxurious softness. In fact, the highest classes used to don the skin of our very own leopard to draw attention to their position. Although several activists and groups have protested against using animal furs in fashion, these stoles, jackets, hats, blankets, and vests continue to creep into fashion lines. Many designers offer faux-fur because people simply love the glamorous and powerful feeling they have while wearing a fur.

Each week Lafayette Style columnist, Aleni Mackarey peruses the campus to find Leopard’s rocking unique and individual trends. Today’s installment features the Olivia Hadley sporting a fur jacket with today’s fall outfit. Let’s take a look.

 Olivia Hadley ’16

Photo by Aleni Mackarey ‘16

What is your class year and major?

Junior, Art Major, Architectural Studies Minor.

Where is your look from?

My coat is from Forever 21, skirt from Urban Outfitters, shirt from Brandy Melville, tights from Urban Outfitters, Shoes from Jeffery Campbell, Sunglasses from Ray Ban.

What inspired your look for today?

I wear black and dark colors a lot, and the chilly fall weather inspired the jacket.

What was the inspiration behind the accessories you paired with this fur coat?

Both my shoes and sunglasses have a very downtown, dark, laid back vibe.

Does it affect your fashion choices when people are offended by fur?

No, not really.

To what sorts of events or places might you wear this outfit?

I picture this outfit being worn walking around the city or out to a Girl’s Night dinner.

What is your favorite fashion trick/trip?

Wearing any sort of heel makes your legs super long!

Who is a fashion icon of yours? And why?

I really love Cara Delevigne or Olivia Palermo. They always look put together but effortless. I love how Cara isn’t afraid to take risks and I often try to mimic her classy but edgy and undone aesthetic.

What are your favorite stores?

I love Free People and Anthropologie. All-Saints is also awesome.

Of the celebrity outfits you’ve seen, which is one of your favorites?

At this year’s VMA’s I loved Kendall Jenner’s black jumpsuit with the sheer top and black bandeau. I love when a girl can pull off a menswear outfit.

Is this a comfortable outfit to wear around campus?

I would feel comfortable wearing this around campus, though I might be seen as a little too dressed up.

What does it take to find a comfortable and cute fur coat?

Definitely trial and error. I don’t own many fur things because it takes a special item to truly work with someone.

What is the story behind your fur coat?

I bought this coat because I loved the unique rose color. It’s different than any other fur coats I’ve seen, and I always like to find something that stands out.

Photo by Aleni Mackarey ‘16
Photo by Aleni Mackarey ‘16
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