Let’s Talk About It: Lafayette Sex Week

Each year, Lafayette College’s sex week aims to enrich the student body and faculty’s knowledge about sexual health and correct misconceptions or assumptions regarding more taboo topics. This year’s sex week will focus on “some topics that are a bit closer to the fringes of sexuality.”

The 2015 sex week will kick off on Thursday, Feb. 12in Colton Chapel, where Miriam Weeks, otherwise known as Belle Knox, will give her story about being discovered by her classmates at Duke University as an adult film actress and the realities of working in the sex industry. Continuing on the week, Lafayette will be hosting a large variety of guests, including Dr. DeSipio, a certified sexologist, Magenta and Friends, drag performers, and sex educator and professional DominantSir Brian, who will be leading discussions with information regarding sexual communication, the art of drag, and the BDSM culture, respectively.

The college will also be hosting many social activities to make this week to engage the student body, including the return of Condom Bingo, an anti-Valentine’s Day movie night, a performance by Magenta and Friends and a speed “friending”session at Campus Pizza.