Snow Day Comfort on College Hill

With the start of Februaryand the coming of several snowpocalypses, the blues of winter snacking have accumulated for about two weeks. Yet fret not dear foodie, for below you will find several comfort cures to satisfy your cravings.

Where better to begin the winter pilgrimage than at the hub of all things comfort: Campus Pizza. What sets this College Hill goodie apart from its competition is the feel of “homemade”that the restaurant offers its guests. The two all time “must-haves”for students are pasta with pink sauce and the chicken platter. Additionally, premiering this winter season is a pasta shells dish with shrimp prepared in a lemon-wine sauce with tomatoes and spinach.

Right next door is a gem: Cosmic Cup. From the welcoming, warm atmosphere to the disgustingly wonderful bagels, this quaint cafe is the ideal cozy remedy for anyone in need of a pick-me-up. CC offers a variety of assorted bagels and six different muffin choices, as well as many cream cheeses and spreads. Cream cheese choices including lox, horseradish cheddar, sun dried tomato, olive, vegetable, salsa, and plain. As for spreads, students may choose between garlic hummus, garlic cheddar, tofutti, nutella, grape or strawberry jam, and peanut butter. If those don’t suit your fancy, have it with butter instead (CC also offers a vegan butter for the healthy snackers). No matter the combination, this wintery treat is one you will likely come back for again and again.

And when Cosmic Cup closes at 5 p.m., just head over to the destination for all those lusting for spice and flavor: Don Juan’s. This Mexican restaurant is known as an all time favorite eatery for students, not only is Don Juan’s the closest thing to Chipotle we have at Lafayette, it is also unique for its less-Americanized menu. Customer favorites include the chicken and the carnitas bowl or burrito served with the restaurant’s special chipotle dressing. The tacos at Don Juan’s are unique, as they are served soft-shell within hard-shell, a clever combination that never fails to fill and please.

On Cattell, students will find two Italian restaurants, each finger-licking in its own way. First up is Pizza D’oro, which recommends the buffalo chicken sandwich, the chicken parmesan sandwich, penne alla vodka, and any of the pizzas, calzones and strombolis for those wishing for a warm Italian feast. Neighboring this Italian goodie is another Italian restaurant: Maurici’s. Maurici’s customer favorites include the penne alla vodka with grilled chicken, the chicken parmesan, and the Sicilian pizza. If your comfort yearning brings you in at dinnertime, in addition to your entree you will receive bread and a choice of soup or salad.

A little farther down Cattell Street there is the hidden treasure all of us have been missing: Scully’s. Everything served within this tiny yet endearing restaurant is prepared fresh. A few of Scully’s specialties include the crab cakes, the blackened salmon, and the fried haddock sandwich.

Walk down further and you will come up against a slightly unconventional but equally satisfying comfort food alternative: Plum House. While Japanese cuisine is not one typically associated with winter cravings, there are several options this warm, neighborly restaurant offers that will both indulge and delight all of your munchies. A few fares to feast on this snowy season are any of the yakiudon soups, the teriyakis, or the curry noodles. While a meal at Plum House may not be the classic mac and cheese you had in mind on a snowy day, it is a nutritious and healthy option that is just as tasty and gratifying.

While it may seem as though the food options are limited from impending snowfall, there are still many places to go and many comforting dishes to try when you get the munchies this winter.