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50 shades of greatness


Acclaimed movie dominates awards show season

There are films in this world that can be said to be truly perfect in all ways, that touch audiences on a personal level and redefine what film is for a generation. Movies such as “Citizen Kane”, “The Godfather”, and, perhaps the greatest of all,“50 Shades of Grey.”

Based off of the literary classic by E. L. James, “50 Shades of Gray”is a heartwarming tale of love and passion in the modern world. It’s timeless story of one woman falling in love with the man she is interviewing for five minutes, leading her into a chaotic and erotic life she never could have imagined as his semi-consensual sex slave in his pleasure dungeon. The movie provides a realistic and heartfelt portal into the world of modern romance in an increasingly career-oriented society.

The characters of Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey are so real and empathetic I would not be surprised if audience members saw bits of themselves in them.

The suave Christian Grey, played by that one guy in high school who looked really hot but wasn’t actually good at anything, exudes sensuality and romance. His romantic gestures such as tracing Anastasia’s cell phone when she won’t tell him where she is, coming to her workplace to make her help him buy tools for his sex dungeon, and making her his sex slave, all come across as genuine acts of true love.

His character, a multi-millionaire who owns a company that doesn’t really seem to do anything at all or require work on his part to keep running, is one of the most realistic male leads in romantic film today.

The female lead, Anastasia Steele, played by an undecorated beige wall, is one of the most intriguing and sympathetic characters in the film. While most romantic movies would have their leads try to balance work with their love lives, “50 Shades of Grey”opts for a more relatable story of Anastasia, like so many young women, signing her life away to be the sex toy to a sadistic multi-millionaire who she has known for five hours of combined human interaction.

I made one promise to myself before I walked in: that I wouldn’t cry. I had to break that promise during the heart-wrenching breakup scene, where Anastasia decides she is not fond of being whipped for purely Christian Grey’s pleasure. Luckily, the guy next to me had some tissues.

But don’t worry, there are two more films in the trilogy and we all know they will end up getting back together.

I haven’t even covered the tasteful sex scenes, the witty banter or even the utterly remarkable and totally-not-stereotypical best friend character who has a role in the overall story and is totally not there to give the illusion of popularity to Anastasia.

This is the single greatest film ever made, and I am looking forward to the two sequels which are already in production because people paid money to see this movie. I give it six stars, three thumbs up, and a 100/10.

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