Easton Public Market’s newest vendor Rod’s Hot Dogs to open this summer


Rod’s Hot Dogs will be the Easton Public Market’s third vendor to open in the last year, after ThreeBirdsNest coffee shop last fall and Green Vida Co. in March. (Photo by Deniz Ozbay ’22)

A new vendor is coming to the Easton Public Market—one that takes customers back in time.

Rod’s Hot Dogs will open this summer for Market visitors to enjoy old school hot dogs, burgers and shakes. 

The restaurant is the newest venture for husband and wife owners Mike and Rebecca Pichetto, who have ran Full of Crepe in the Market starting in 2018 and also own 3rd and Ferry Fish Market. Rod’s Hot Dogs will take the place of Full of Crepe in the market.

Rod’s Hot Dogs is named for Mike’s grandfather, the titular “Rod,” who ran a hot dog cart in Rutherford, New Jersey after World War II. The restaurant’s hot dog style will therefore be based on the Northern Jersey-style “rippers.”

“The hot dogs are fried to obtain that ‘ripper’ state where they plump and crisp, and split either at the ends or down the middle,” Pichetto said in a news release.

Customers will be able to order the hot dogs at any stage of the frying process: “sinker” (warmed and not split or browned), “ripper” (fried until the casing is crisp) or “ripper-crisp” (very crisp and brown).

The restaurant will also sell bratwurst, chicken dogs, vegan hot dogs, hand-pressed burgers with ground beef from Saylors & Co. and milkshakes with ice cream from Bank Street Creamery.

“We’re excited to introduce Rod’s at the market, and can’t wait for those hot dogs and burgers,” said Easton market district director Megan McBride in the release. “The Pichettos are so supportive of the market and Easton, and we’re thrilled to have had their culinary talents with us since the market opened.”

Updates on Rod’s Hot Dogs can be found on the Easton Public Market Facebook page.