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Redefined Success

A non varsity athlete makes noise on two national stages

To many, competing in a national championship at Lafayette would seem like an accomplishment.

Well, don’t tell that to senior Rebekah Scharfe.

The two-sport athlete has competed in six national championships in her time on College Hill. A captain of the ski club team and equestrian team, Scharfe calls these moments to be her favorite at Lafayette.

“There are many accomplishments during my time at Lafayette which I am proud of,” Scharfe said. “Being able to compete at a national championships in two different sports, for three out of my four years at Lafayette will definitely always be a highlight of my time here.”

Scharfe came to the school as a beginner to ski-racing competitions. Over time, however, she improved her skills and became one of the best.

“On the ski team, I was able to work my way up from a pretty beginner racer my freshman year to placing seventh overall in our conference this past year,” Scharfe said. “It’s another achievement I’m very proud of.”

In addition to her skiing success, Scharfe has also found similar success riding. But, unlike skiing, Scharfe has been riding for quite some time.

“When I was 8 years old a family friend suggested I take a lesson at a local barn,” Scharfe said. “Within a year I owned my own horse and was riding six days a week and never looked back!”

Over time, Scharfe progressed to competing in riding competitions.

For the Lafayette equestrian team, Scharfe is the point rider for the team in Open Fences and Open Flat. These are also the two highest levels of intercollegiate riding. In regards to her success on the equestrian team, Scharfe has a few notable victories in which she is proud of.

“Placing in the top 10 in two different events at the Intercollegiate Horse Show Association National Championships in 2014 will always be something I’m proud of,” Scharfe said. “Also, this past year I won a Tournament of Champions Medal Class at the Winter Tournament of Champions, which is something no other rider at Lafayette has ever done, so that was a huge accomplishment for me.”

Scharfe gives much credit to her role models. She looks up to her coaches in both of her respective sports.

“I really look up to both my coaches on the ski and equestrian teams,” Scharfe said. “Both of them competed on the teams when they were in college, and took over as coach after they graduated. They both have such a passion for the sport and were able to continue pursuing and sharing that passion once they graduated, something I hope to be able to do, as well.”

Besides sharing her passion for her sports, she has other big plans after she graduates. When asked about whether or not she wants to continue riding outside of school, it was a no-brainer.

“I absolutely plan on continuing riding after school,” Scharfe said. “I hope to move up the amateur divisions and hopefully one day compete at the grand prix level. I would also like to train and bring along young horses. Competing is something I’ve always had a passion for and hope to be able to continue that in the future.”

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  • D

    David TruslowApr 18, 2015 at 10:05 am

    As Rebekah’s grandfather I am, of course, somewhat biased. Rebekah not only is an amazing athlete but she did extremely well academically in her demanding Engineering Major. So proud of you Dear Rebekah!!