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Restaurant Review: Greenmouth Juice Bar + Café blends up Easton’s dining scene

The yogurt parfait sold at Greenmouth Juice Cafe in downtown Easton. [Photo by Rachel Rubino ‘17]
The yogurt parfait sold at Greenmouth Juice Cafe in downtown Easton. [Photo by Rachel Rubino ‘17]

New restaurant offers healthy, delicious drinks and food

Sunlight leaked through the wide, open bay window and bounced off the shiny mahogany floor. Strings of lights adorned the walls and mason jars containing handmade paper flowers decorated the wooden tables.

What better concept to accompany this clean, cozy hangout spot than a bountiful supply of fresh juices and homemade food?

A limited number of Lafayette students have heard of the Greenmouth Juice Bar + Café due to its location down the hill on Northampton Street. The eatery opened last May, however, and is a hidden gem amongst numerous Easton dining spots.

The bright, welcoming ambiance of Greenmouth Café is balanced by the intimate vibe of indie music playing softly through speakers and the friendly service of baristas. After ordering our meals, my friends and I retreated to a window-seat booth ornamented with an array of homemade crochet pillows.

We anticipated the arrival of our food after hearing rave reviews from several of our classmates. Nevertheless, most students, we realized, had not yet visited this spot due to the proximity of alternative smoothie spots by Lafayette. We ultimately came to the realization that Greenmouth offers incomparable fare to anything on the hill.

For superfood smoothie and cold pressed juice lovers, Greenmouth Café offers an expanded range of drink selections. Their menu boasts 18 smoothie and 10 juice options, along with a “Juice Cleansing” plan. After a long morning without breakfast, however, I came to Greenmouth looking to fill my belly rather than kick off a cleanse.

From an array of sandwich, salad, and collard green wrap choices, I decided to order Curried Chickpea Salad with Cashews + Raisins over sprouted Ezekiel Bread. For a relatively low fare of $8.50, half of the salad was paired with a cup of sweet potato soup. The nutty, earthy crunch of the salad paired wonderfully with the light, sweet soup.

My meal was accompanied with a Sweet Green juice. Pressed with greens, celery, apple, pineapple, and orange, the tangy drink went down easily—while packing a nutritional punch.

One of my dining partners ordered a kale Caesar salad alongside a garlicky lemon hummus sandwich, which was garnished with shredded beets and carrots. The chefs added just the right amount of sweet, citrusy dressing to offset the kale’s bitter taste. The sandwich was hearty yet fresh; it pairs nicely with the lighter salad.

My other dining partner, Emma Smith ’17, opted for the breakfast route, settling on a yogurt parfait sprinkled with locally-made granola from Apple Ridge Farms, sliced banana, raw honey and cinnamon.

Each of our plates were artfully crafted and presented—and tasted delicious.

“I am usually iffy about super-healthy eating options, but I was impressed with how delicious all of the food and drinks I tried were,” Smith said. “It was definitely worth the trip; I plan to escape here for a much-needed treat during Finals Week.”

Outstanding service, tasty food, and the relaxed setting at Greenmouth Café left me a full customer satisfied with where my money was spent. Without a complaint to report, I believe that Greenmouth deserves a rating of no less than five out of five stars for the overall dining experience it provided.

If the accessibility Greenmouth Café’s location still averts your desire to visit, then you are in luck. The eatery delivers Monday through Friday, from 12 to 2 p.m. Orders must be placed by 11 a.m, constituting a minimum fee of $10. 5/5

Greenmouth Juice Bar + Café is located on 526 Northampton Street. It is open every day.
Hours: 7 a.m. – 5 p.m. Sunday and Monday, 7 a.m. – 7 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday.

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    EmmaAug 6, 2015 at 11:38 am

    At Greenmouth Juice Cafe, WoW ! How I forget their friendly stuffing and food serving process.