Letter from the editor


To the Lafayette Community,

This fall will mark the return to normalcy after almost a year and a half of unknowns. With the long-awaited return to a semester in person, we have said goodbye to two of our editors, and I have stepped into my final role at The Lafayette as Editor-in-Chief after three years in the newsroom. I have had the pleasure of working with three Editor-in-Chiefs before me that all have worked hard to improve our newspaper, and I hope to do my part to uphold our journalistic standard. We will also have two managing editors, Katie Frost and Deanna Hanchuk, a role that has previously only been held by one person. I am looking forward to this change and to working with these wonderful editors.

This year we will see a shift in the paper, back to how it once was–with in-person interviews, events and coverage of activities on campus. This year we also welcome a new president to Lafayette, and our student body is larger than ever before. However, this shift to normalcy will not be the campus we remember pre-COVID-19. We have seen an explosion of voices in the fight for equality which has been largely virtual and will transition from Zoom to in-person events as social distancing restrictions slacken. The Lafayette plans to give a platform for these voices and share their work, continuing the endeavor Ben Fuller ’21 spearheaded last year.

Our goal this year is to report with integrity and provide a place for Lafayette students to share their hard work, accomplishments and dedication. We plan to connect with local businesses in Easton and improve our online presence. We invite all members of the community to submit Op-Eds, articles and story suggestions. Our editorial board and writers will continue to work hard for Lafayette and as activism ramps up on campus, the oldest college newspaper in Pennsylvania will be there to cover it.

Cheers to a great school year,

Lucie Lagodich