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The Oldest College Newspaper in Pennsylvania

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The Oldest College Newspaper in Pennsylvania

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Timeout with…..Goalie Brad Seeber ‘18

Brad Seeber ‘18 makes the stop. [Photo courtesy of Athletic Communications]
Brad Seeber ‘18 makes the stop. [Photo courtesy of Athletic Communications]

Rachel Roberston: Talk to me about last night’s game? You faced five shots in a 1-0 lost.

Brad Seeber: It was a tough game. If you look on the stat sheet, we outshot them, we had more corners, the other goalie and I had about the same amount of saves but in college soccer there’s always just that one play where either we make a mistake or they make a mistake that results in a goal.

RR: Soccer team has only lost two games, winning or tying all the others. How does that feel?

BS: We have a lot more confidence than we did last year. We’re mentally tough right now. Even though we’re going into Patriot League with a loss, we’ve beaten some good teams and taken some good teams to overtime, which is a testament to us.

RR: You started a few games last year as a freshman. What’s it like being a sophomore in net?

BS: Our coach gave me an opportunity and I made the most of it… This year I’m definitely more confident. I think the guys are more confident in me behind them in goal which I think has added to our confidence just as a team in total going forward in the season.

RR: What has been the biggest surprise of the season so far?

BS: If you look at our stats, the goals that we’ve scored, I don’t think anyone on our team has more than one goal. Everyone is scoring and everyone is stepping up. We’ve never actually had a double-digit goal scorer in Lafayette history.

RR: Which team looks to be the biggest challenge for the rest of the season?

BS: I honestly can’t pinpoint one. If you were to look on paper American’s the best but then again Navy came in as the favorite along with Boston University. All the scorelines in the Patriot League are close.

RR: Apparently yoga is important to the soccer team. Tell me about that?

BS: I love yoga. I think it helps you as a player just because you’re more flexible, you’re looser, even mentally it kind of settles you down. But as a team we do it every week after games. I think a lot of the guys are liking it. Some guys have never done yoga before so they’re struggling. You can tell who’s the flexible ones and who can’t really touch their toes.

RR: That’s a post-game ritual- do you have any pre-game ones?

BS: I get to the locker room pretty early. I actually just put on my headphones and I rarely ever say a word before a game. We also have a patch for [alumnus] Dr. [Wilbur] Oaks–our stadium is named after him. He passed away at the end of the season so we have a patch on our arms that we always touch before we play.

RR:What’s coming out of your headphones before a game? What are you listening to?

BS: I have a mix. I like rap, I like country–I’m from the South now so I’ve gotten used to country. I’m a big fan of EDM and house music.

RR: Why soccer?

BS: I wasn’t very good at soccer until I got to high school. In my opinion, I was pretty small. I didn’t really start playing goalie until I was 12 or so I started pretty late for a goalie but my cousins played, a lot of my friends played so it was kinda natural for me to step in.

RR: Any other sports?

BS: I played basketball in high school and I ran track— hurdles.

RR: Who has been the most influential person throughout your career?

BS: A man named Tony DiCicco. He was the one that made me become a goalie. I didn’t know anything about him but it turned out that he won in the Olympics in [’96] and the World Cup in ’99 [as a coach of the women’s national team]. He’s coached Mia Hamm and all these big-time names. Lafayette called him about me and that’s how everything happened.

RR: Favorite soccer memory?

BS: High school my coach let me take a PK and I scored. It was the only goal I’ve ever scored in a game being a goalie. Easily my favorite memory because I never got to celebrate after a goal only just a save, so I ran over to the sideline where all the fans were for my celebration.

RR: Favorite class and professor at Lafayette?

BS: That is tough. Probably last year, professor [Nicole] Crain. She was my econ professor. A lot of energy, very fun person, great teacher and she just made class interesting. And economics is not an interesting thing usually but she made it very inviting.

RR: Favorite professional athlete?

BS: Manuel Neuer [Goalie for Bayern Munich and the German National Team]. I used to live in Germany which is why I like him and I actually got to meet him when I went over to see a game.

RR: Favorite movie?

BS: My favorite comedy is the “Jumpstreet” movies. My favorite all-time movie actually might be “How to Train you Dragon.”

RR: Favorite song?

BS: “Let You Go”–Chainsmokers. My roommate and I, it’s our favorite song. We’ve loved it since last year, so when they came last year they played it last year. It was our favorite moment.

RR: Favorite food?

BS: Thai food.

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