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Public Safety responds to rumor about naked man with knife

Public Safety, which is still investigating the situation, encourages anybody with knowledge of who the individual could have been to reach out to their office. (Photo courtesy of Public Safety)

On Saturday, Sept. 15, there was a disturbance in Easton Hall. While some students and resident advisors reported that an intoxicated man in his underwear had attacked a fellow resident with a knife, Director of Public Safety Jeff Troxell said that such characterizations of the situation were not entirely accurate.

“I think there’s a rumor going around [that] there was a naked guy with a knife, but we were able to confirm almost immediately that that wasn’t the case,” Director of Public Safety Jeff Troxell said. “It was kind of misinformation, but we really appreciate the call because it was out of concern, which is fantastic.”

Troxell felt that the situation was misinterpreted by the bystanders.

“Just to be clear, there was no knife and there was no attack; he was just a shirtless student who appeared to be under the influence of something,” Troxell said. “It was more of a welfare concern check because the person kind of lost their balance and to stabilize themselves, they grabbed onto the victim’s arms.”

Despite the false information from the call, Troxell stressed the importance of alerting Public Safety about any worrying incident or situation.

“I definitely don’t want to discourage people from calling things in, and we appreciate the person who called us that got us there and initiated the investigation,” he said.

Troxell noted that the search for the intoxicated man is still underway and urged anybody with information to come forward.

“We’re working right now with the victim and the RAs in that building to try to identify that individual because we believe the student may live in the building,” Troxell said. “So if anybody hears anything, please report it to our detectives or just call it into Public Safety if they have any information about who that person might have been.” Public Safety can be reached at [email protected].

None of the Resident Advisors in Easton Hall responded to a request for an interview.

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