The return of Condom Bingo

Lafayette annual tradition to take place tonight

Condom Bingo is making its return to Lafayette this evening.

The 9 p.m. to midnight event in the Marquis Dining Hall is one of the most popular events hosted by QuEST, the LGBTQ and ally student organization of Lafayette College.

Each year, many students attend this event for QuEST’s humorous take on educating people about various aspects of sex. Students arrive to the event, laugh at the jokes, but also learn.

The prizes for winning a game this year include a TV, various sex toys from the event’s cosponsor Condoms Galore, various items from the College Store and free condoms.

“We have hundreds of people come and stay however long they want to, play to win awesome prizes and learn about safe sex,” Vice President of QuEST Esra Demirhan ’18 said.         More than just fun and silliness on a Friday night, the point of Condom Bingo is “to create a sex positive environment and address common misconceptions a college student may have about sex,” Esra added.

All the tables are filled with Bingo boards and piles of various brands of condoms. In addition to playing Condom Bingo, there will be trivia questions about many sex related topics. There will also be food and snacks provided to the players, along with music courtesy of WJRH.