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The Oldest College Newspaper in Pennsylvania

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Quick costumes for Halloweekend

Dress-up options for any budget

Halloween is supposed to be scary. Coming up with a costume for the big day, however, shouldnt be a frightening experience. Here are some quick n’ easy, last-minute do-it-yourself costume ideas that won’t break your bank.

Charlie Brown: Use a yellow golf shirt or t-shirt. Draw a zig-zag around the waist with a black sharpie, or tack a felt one on with safety pins. Add solid black shorts. Complete your look with yellow socks and any basic brown shoes.

Three Blind Mice: Recruit two friends for this crowd-pleasing costume. Draw a nose and whiskers onto your face with eyeliner, add mouse ears, and sunglasses. Wear whatever is in your closet, as long as you match your fellow mice. Carry a sight stick in your hand for the finishing touch.

Bumblebee: Wear all black. Tape stripes around your torso and legs with yellow duct tape. Bonus points if you have wings and antennae, but people will know what you are without them.

Ghost: The ghost is a surprisingly underrated costume that takes little to no effort to construct. If your’re a boy, go for the classic white sheet over your head with eyeholes. If you’re a girl who wants to spice it up a bit, wear a flowing white dress and paint dark black circles around your eyes. Wear powdery white makeup and black lipstick for the final accents.

Ladybug: Similar to the preparation of the Bumblebee, this costume requires little besides an all red outfit, with black spots taped about.

Eloise: Channel your inner 5-year old Plaza resident by pairing a black skirt and shoes with a white blouse and socks. Pin ribbons from the waistband of your skirt to make suspenders. Top of your look with a red bow on top of your head.

Crazy Cat Lady: Stay comfortable in this costume while wearing a bathrobe, and an assortment of pieced together clothing. Leave curlers in your hair and carry around as many stuffed cats as you can.

Devil vs. Angel: Bring a partner or fly solo with either of these classic Halloween options. Try wearing all red, and constructing horns from tinfoil wrapped around a headband. For an angel, wear white. Switch it up by being an Angel of Darkness who wears all black.

Athlete: Borrow jerseys from any number of our fabulous D1 athletes, paint black lines under your eyes, and call it a day.

TY Beanie Baby: Dress like the animal of your choice and hang a cardboard “TY” tag from your neck, shaped like a heart, to clue everyone in to the fact you are a beanie baby.

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