An alternative sound

Indie band Public to perform on Saturday

Pop-rock band Public will do more than just play a concert on Saturday at Lafayette. Band members will be meeting with different student clubs on campus during the day before the show, Coordinator of Student Involvement Barbara Perlman said.

Public consists of John Vaughn, Ben Lapps and Matthew Alvarado. Recently the band has garnered a lot of attention. From supporting acts like Walk the Moon and Twenty One Pilots, according to their website, all the way to playing club-sized venues with similar bands, Public has been touring nonstop for the past year and a half.

Although they are currently unsigned, the band has released music, including an EP in 2012 called “Red,” and another entitled “Let’s Remake It” in March of last year.Most recently, a brand-new single called “Heartbreaking.” Public’s music is reminiscent of an indie-alternative-punk hybrid. It reaches a wide range of subgenres within the umbrella of rock music.

The band is stopping at the college as part of the Trendsetter Tour, which has been happening for a few years. It has featured Echosmith, among other acts.

The concert is in the Marlo Room at 9 p.m. on Saturday.