Groomed for success

Indie band to headline WJRH concert

The band Grooms is coming to Lafayette this Friday to play a Welcome Back Concert. This show is a part of WJRH’s Campus Concert Series, and will feature the indie-alternative group comprised of Travis Johnson, Jay Heiselmann, Steve Levine and Emily Ambruso.

The grouphails from Brooklyn, and has released several pieces of music, including four albums, over the past few years. Describing themselves as “noise pop”on their Facebook page, the band has fun with its sound. It is signed to the indie record label Western Vinyl and just went on a fall tour throughout the United States and Europe with the band A Place to Bury Strangers. The Grooms has also done several shows with other punk and alternative acts including Fidlar and Metz.

The band’s trendy Brooklyn-hipster roots hold a strong presence in their music, finding a way to make each song seem effortlessly cool. Matthew Marlin’16, a member of WJRH, said,“Their sound and live stage presence would make a great fit for what we’re doing with the concert series right now.”

Most recently, Grooms released their newest album “Comb the Feelings Through Your Hair”in Feb. of last year. The LP features glittery, dream-like sounds combined with Johnson’s deep, raspy voice.

The band will be interviewed by WJRH at 7 p.m., and then playing at 8 p.n. in the Kirby House Lounge.

The group’sarrival on campus is part of an initiative by WJRH to “increase our presence on this campus by holding concerts regularly,” according to Matthew Marlin ‘16, a member of WJRH. This concert is kicking off the initiative for the spring semester.