Top 10 places to go on a Valentine’s date

Hello from the Southern Hemisphere! Thats right, this top ten is coming at you from abroad. You thought you had a semester without me, but you were wrong. You cant get rid of me. You cant escape.

This week, the lovely staff of The Lafayette has so graciously asked me to make a list in celebration of Valentines Day. For those who dont know, Valentines Day is a confusing holiday that glorifies an infant whos good at archery. They specifically asked I compose a list of top places to go on a romantic holiday date. Why The Lafayette asked me to do this piece, Im not sure. In my mind, buying me a $0.69 Wawa soft pretzel and letting me have the last slice of Dominoscheesy bread are the grandest of all romantic gestures. I am clearly no expert. But alas here I am, and list I shall.

Thus I present to you, the top ten places (near/on campus) to go for a romantic Valentines Day date: 

  1. Giant (tons of food options, plus you can run an errand)
  2. A spin class in the Kirby Sports Center
  3. DU Spinning
  4. Pigeon Lab in Hugel (pigeons are basically doves if youre colorblind)
  5. Wawa (I know this is a joke list but this one is serioushave I mentioned that soft pretzels are only $0.69??)
  6. Swipe them into Lower (guaranteed second date)
  7. Swipe them into Upper (total power move)
  8. Swipe them into Simons flatbread (stole this idea from a Nicholas Sparks movie)
  9. Sette Luna (if youre lame)
  10. Marquis Crepe Station (crepes are French and French is a romance language)