Club wrestling team emphasizes learning skills, facilitates team-centered environment


Henry Morgan ’22 and Maxim Chuckrow ’23 wrestle during the Spring 2020. (Photo courtesy of @lafwrestling instagram)

By Nicky Nathanson, Staff Writer

From 1924 to 1989, Lafayette College had a division one wrestling program and over 20 wrestlers qualified for the NCAA championships.

However, after some budget changes and a president who had hoped for other programs, wrestling was forced out the door and was replaced with women’s soccer in 1989. A club wrestling team has since been made at Lafayette for those who love the sport.

“I love the club because you can go about it however you want,” senior president Will Duncan said. “I still get to wrestle without the need to constantly be cutting weight and spending all of my time focusing on the sport.”

Duncan has spent four years on the team, and also wrestled in high school.

“It’s a great way to meet people,” Duncan said. “I actually met many of my friends in high school also on wrestling.”

In terms of practice, it is usually split between the team members who are relatively new, and then those that are more experienced. During practice, players will learn new moves, learn how to keep up the speed on them, and then go out and practice them.

The wrestling club team currently trains with the Lafayette men’s club rugby team.

The team does not currently participate in matches. Despite being eligible, they would have to to compete against Division 3 schools. While the option to compete remains open, Duncan said that many of the team members choose not to. 

According to Duncan, the members of the roster enjoy their time with their teammates and as well as the casual vibe of the club.