President Hurd appoints interim vice president of finance and administration


While only serving as interim Vice President, Beckers’ policy goals include completing the Markle parking deck replacement and the Kunkle Hall renovation. (Photo courtesy of Lafayette Finance and Administration)

By Trebor Maitin, Staff Writer

Craig Becker, the associate vice president for finance and business services, was appointed on Monday to fill the vacancy left by former Vice President for Finance and Administration Roger Demareski, who resigned at the end of November to take on the role of executive vice president of administration and operations at his alma mater, Villanova University. 

Appointed by President Nicole Hurd, Becker, a thirty-year veteran of college administration, will serve in his new position in a transitory role, also retaining his previous position until the administration hires a new permanent vice president of finance and administration.

“I indicated to President Hurd that I will not be a candidate,” Becker said of seeking the position full-time. “While I have much to contribute, President Hurd needs to be free to select the best person who can help her achieve her vision for the college.”

Despite his interim status as vice president of finance and administration, Becker described his appointment as “both humbling and flattering.” He shared the phrase, “tikkun olam,” Hebrew for “repairing the world.” 

Alluding to the former U.S. Presidents Lincoln and Ford, Becker likened his role to that of the latter, a less “eloquent” and more “transitional” figure, stating that, regardless of his length of tenure, he would “do [his] very best to support President Hurd, the college and its community.”

Immediate policy goals for the new vice president include the Markle parking deck replacement, Kunkel Hall renovation, various capital projects and development of the 2023 budget. Becker describes these efforts as “transactional,” or in service of the Lafayette community. 

“These efforts will keep us very occupied through the spring,” Becker said of his near-term challenges.

Hurd, at the time of Demareski’s resignation announcement, said she would “report back to the community in the days and weeks ahead about the future leadership of our finance and administration roles.”

The search for a permanent Vice President for Finance and Administration has already begun.

Hurd added that, with the search ongoing, Becker will be assisted on matters concerning finances by Kim Spang, vice president for Development & College Relations, and on matters concerning facilities by Annette Diorio, vice president for Campus Life. Additionally, Demareski’s position on the Incident Action Group will be temporarily filled by John O’Keefe, vice president and chief information officer.