Lunch at Maxim’s: A review of an Easton favorite

Hungry for brunch? Put on your Sunday best, head over to Maxim’s 22, and dig in.

Sunday mornings on College Hill are most commonly marked by delectably greasy breakfasts, like those served at Tracy’s or Quadrant. Apart from the eggs and bacon that breathe life into the weekend’s aftermath, Sunday is a sacred day. And that’s for one particular reason – brunch.

The French relative of Easton’s much loved Sette Luna, Maxim’s 22 Bistro and Brasserie is a cherished treasure in matters of eggs and Parisian style dining. Particularly on Sundays, when the restaurant graces hungover students with a special menu for brunch. Served Sundays from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., brunch at Maxim’s is always a good idea. Slightly on the upscale end of a student’s budget spectrum, the restaurant offers a wide variety of breakfast fares, including duck confit with poached eggs, chicken crepes, as well as the crab, asparagus and gruyere omelette. Maxim’s is well worth the cost, though, and is always filled up with people for brunch.

The charming French restaurant conveys the sentiment of a true Parisian brasserie, and its menu is nothing short of divine. Just the bread basket alone is first-rate. Having had partaken in the experience of Maxim’s brunch on several occasions, here are my top recommendations:

An eggs benedict kind of gal, my decision is more or less determined upon locating my favorite dish on the menu. The brunch comes with a classy French spin on breakfast potatoes as well as  an assortment of fresh fruit, making for a truly hearty and healthy meal. Truly, no matter your tastes, Maxim’s salmon eggs benny will have you singing Maroon 5’s “Sunday morning brunch is calling, steal some benny, share some crepes” for days and days.

The restaurant features weekly specials, such as the lobster eggs benedict I had had the lovely fortune of trying on one such brunch occasion. Additionally, Maxim’s offers daily fresh-squeeze juice that can be jazzed up into a boozy drink – my favorite being the orange berry mimosa. While the restaurant’s brunch menu may not be up to par with some of the ritzy spreads of New York City or London, the truth of the matter is, we are in Easton, and–quite candidly–the brunch at Maxim’s is pretty darn divine.