Gilbert’s Sous Chef Britney Dancho leaves after a decade at the college


Dancho is leaving college to become sous chef at the Easton Wine Project. (Photo by Brenna Girard ’25 for The Lafayette)

By Brenna Girard, Contributing Writer

After a decade of crafting flatbreads and introducing international food to the Lafayette community, Britney Dancho left her position as the sous chef at Gilbert’s Cafe this past Monday.

Though Dancho never used to think her future was in the food industry, her years at Lafayette have changed her perspective. Starting with minimal experience as a cook, she relied on her drive and persistence to learn everything she could in her time here. 

Although a sous chef by name, Dancho served as the head chef at Gilbert’s. During her time at Lafayette, she was introduced to an array of cuisines and experiences. She was inspired by those who shared her drive for cooking, something she strongly considers an art.

“When I came to Lafayette, the love that I’ve seen from the chefs here, that they have for food and the passion they have for food, it made my drive go crazy,” Dancho said. 

At Marquis, where she spent the majority of her time at Lafayette, Dancho created international Thursdays, where she prepared everything from Caribbean, Italian and Mediterranean, to comfort and grilled foods. As sous chef, she wrote the current menu and created items such as the beloved Thai and Pesto flatbreads. She has also prepared countless mouth-watering hors d’oeuvres for catering and special events.

Responsible for monitoring the quality of foods served and generating menus, Dancho uplifted the community by ensuring the health of its members and also developed close relationships with students and staff. She has strived to take care of those with allergies and mentored new chefs throughout her time at Lafayette.

“She has truly been an essential part of the Lafayette community,” Bon Appetit General Manager Christopher Brown said.

Both within and outside the kitchen, Dancho has found a family. 

“Everybody I’ve met here has been so respectable and genuinely kind,” Dancho said. “I’ve made a lot of good relationships with people, staff and students.”

In the same way that she was inspired by the chefs here, she wishes to share her passions and experience with others. 

“I just want to continue learning. I want to be the best that I can be for the next person, not for myself,” she said. “I believe that being humble is to be able to take what you’ve learned and give it to the next person.”

Dancho is not straying too far from campus.

She will begin working as a sous chef with the Easton Wine Project next and looks forward to what this new journey will bring. Her time at Lafayette has fostered her appreciation for fresh ingredients and minimizing food waste, and the Easton Wine Project shares these values. She believes this new position will provide the experience necessary to potentially own a restaurant in the future.

Nonetheless, she will be dearly missed around campus.

“Britney has been a big part of Lafayette dining for many years and we feel she has gained the necessary tools to be successful in her next culinary adventure,” Brown said.

“I made something out of nothing, is all I know,” Dancho said. “I have no regrets, I have zero.”