Bruce Hill to retire as parking and transportation specialist


Parking and Transportation Specialist Bruce Hill has worked for Public Safety since he joined the Lafayette family. (Photo courtesy of Bruce Hill)

By Lucie Lagodich, Editor-in-Chief

After 34 years with the pedal to the metal, Parking and Transportation Specialist Bruce Hill is hitting the brakes on his time at Lafayette.

Hill began as a part-time security guard at Lafayette College in 1988 and has held his current role for the past eight years. This semester will be his last as the parking and transportation specialist as he is looking towards retirement.

In his office at 901 Bushkill Drive, Hill runs the LCAT system and handles parking violations, the medical transport program and parking registration for all members of the Lafayette Community.

“I was always trying to be as helpful and as accommodating as I could be,” Hill said. “Our thing was to try and get as many students as possible that wanted to bring a car on campus and up until this semester, we’re pretty successful at that.”

With the recent closure of the Markle Parking Deck for renovations, Hill explained that this semester, some students had to be turned away and many staff parking spots had to be rearranged to make sure there was room for all employees.

He added that he has always tried to help students who come to him with parking issues.

“Not everything is a ticket or a stopping you from having a good time at three in the morning with the speakers blasting and a cop, there are some services that we provide,” Hill said.

During his time in his current position, Hill spearheaded the medical transport program, which helps students with medical disabilities navigate campus. By calling Public Safety, these students can get a lift around campus, or to places in the area such as local physical therapy clinics.

While Hill is ready to retire, he said he will miss working with students and getting to know his employees.

“A lot of times, it’s not so much the job but all the people you get to work with and all the students,” Hill said. “Students have enough to worry about, if there’s a little something I could do to help them out and make it a little easier.”