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Timeout with… Senior tennis player Caroline Nixon


Katelyn Arnold: First off, congrats on a great season and a great four years. What was it like to go out on a win in singles against Holy Cross? Caroline Nixon: It was great to end it on a good note. Even though we had a tough season, I think that for both myself and the team, our losses don’t reflect how hard we worked as a team. It was just really rewarding, and especially reflects not just my four years here, but my 15 year tennis career and I think to go out on a good note like that was great.

KA: How would you say your senior season played out?

CN: I think it went really well, especially towards the end. I had a big win against Villanova at 1 Singles which was pretty cool.

KA: Did you achieve what you had set out to in the beginning of the year?

CN: Definitely, yes. We’re in a really tough conference, the Patriot League is super tough for tennis. So I don’t really judge it based on wins or losses, I judge it based on how hard you work and how much effort you put in each match. It’s not necessarily whether you win or lose if you go out there and give it your all. I think that both myself and the entire team really gave it a lot this year—more than I even would have expected. I surprised myself, and the team surprised me, too.

KA: Looking back to when you first came to Lafayette and joined the team, did you expect to accomplish what you have?

CN: No, definitely not. I didn’t think the team would ever have improved as much as it did. Not necessarily with wins and losses, but once again, just growing as tennis players and improving over four years, especially the two girls I was with for four years. We all greatly improved. I would say that I specifically have greatly improved as a tennis player since I got here.

KA: What is your favorite memory from the last four years on the tennis team?

CN: For me specifically, it would be that win against Villanova. Not only was it a win, but I think I truly played the best tennis that I’ve ever played, regardless of the fact that I won. That to me was proof that four years on a Division I sports team was all worth it and you can really improve as a person and as a player.

KA: Is there any one match that stands out in your mind?

CN: Either that match against Villanova, or freshman year, I had a huge win against Bucknell. I think I kind of hold those two in my mind because one of them I was a freshman, which is a whole different ball game than when you’re a senior. Those were probably my two biggest wins.

KA: What would you say was your greatest accomplishment?

CN: I played number one Singles all four years. Playing number one is a tough thing because you’re playing the other team’s number one player and they’re normally very good players.

KA: If you could give advice to an incoming freshman on the tennis team next fall, what would you tell them?

CN: It really is what you put into it. But the biggest thing is just have fun. You will not improve as a player, you will not enjoy your time there, you will not succeed if you don’t, first and foremost, try to enjoy it while you’re out there.

KA: What would you say was the most rewarding part of your experience as a student-athlete at Lafayette?

CN: It just adds a whole other dimension to your college education. Not only does it teach you very important skills that you take throughout—having to budget your time and be organized. There’s also just a sense of accomplishment that you get. You can take, for the rest of your life, to know that you had a commitment for four years and you stuck to it. I guess just that pride.

KA: Do you have any post-graduate plans?

CN: I am working for Federated Investors—an investment management company. So I’m going into finance.

KA: Will you keep playing tennis?

CN: Yes, I definitely will.

KA: When you come back to visit campus next year, where’s the first place you’ll stop?

CN: To be honest, probably the tennis courts. I definitely want to go to their alumni mixer. Besides the tennis courts, I’d probably go to either the library or Farinon—just to recreate the atmosphere of being in college. Just to see the kids, too.

KA: Favorite television show?

CN: “The Office.”

KA: Favorite food?

CN: Chocolate. Any sort of chocolate whatsoever. Specifically, Reese’s Cups.

KA: Favorite vacation spot?

CN: Switzerland. My family went to Switzerland last year and it was like one of the most beautiful places. Or Ireland, that was another one of the coolest places I’ve ever been.

KA: Favorite class you’ve taken at Lafayette?

CN: I took a Russian and Eastern European Art History class. We got to go to St. Petersburg for a week for free. An anonymous donor gave for the whole class to go, so I got to St. Petersburg, Russia for a week last year. That was probably the coolest class I’ve ever been in. And also the information!

KA: Favorite celebrity?

CN: Kate Middleton. I’m obsessed with Kate Middleton. She’s so pretty and holds herself so well. I respect people like that.

KA: Favorite movie?

CN: “Sound of Music.”

KA: What is something most people don’t know about you?

CN: I absolutely love reading. I read everything. Like for pleasure. I’m also a huge movie person. I love watching any movies—old movies, new movies.

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